Is Sunchoke Keto Friendly? No Bun Please


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Rich in Iron, Vitamin B1, and Potassium, Sunchoke has myriads of health benefits. Is Sunchoke keto friendly? Should people following the Ketogenic diet eat this? This post will answer these questions based on the nutritional value of this root vegetable.

What is Sunchoke?

Sunchoke, also known as Jerusalem Artichoke or Sunroot, is a species of sunflower. It is Native to central North America. Sunchoke is cultivated for its tuber that is used as vegetable root. 

In appearance, it looks somewhat like ginger. Nevertheless, the flavor of Sunchoke is sweet.  It is crunchy to eat and gives you radish-like consistency. Ginger, on the contrary, gives you a peppery taste.

In food manufacturing, Sunchoke tubers are used as dietary fiber. You can cook or bake them like potatoes. Some people also use them in salad and eat raw. Several popular recipes of Sunchokes are available on the internet, such as roasted Sunchokes, smashed sunchokes, and roasted Jerusalem artichokes with feta.

Nutritional Information of Sunchoke

100g of Sunchoke gives you 73 calories. Furthermore, you get 17.44g of total carbs, out of which, 1.6g of carbs come from Dietary fiber. Therefore, you get 15.84g of net carbs. 

Sunchoke also gives you 2g of protein and 0.01g of fat. Besides, you get various Vitamins and Minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Niacin, Floate B9, and Vitamin C.

Can You Eat Sunchoke on Keto?

Is sunchoke keto friendly? Undoubtedly, Sunchoke has several health benefits, but you cannot eat it on a Keto diet. It is high in carbs and low in fat and protein. The 100g of Sunchoke gives you 15.84g of net carb.

Keto Alternatives for Sunchoke

There is no such keto friendly alternative to Sunchoke. However, you can add the following keto-friendly vegetables to your diet.

Celery= Net Carbs: 2.6g per 100g of Serving

Tomato= Net Carbs: 2 to 3g per 100g of Serving

Mushrooms =Net Carbs: 2.2g per 100g of Serving 

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