Seven Vrat-Friendly Snacks To Have During Chaitra Navratri Festival


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Preparations are already underway for Chaitra Navratri. The nine-day long festival is marked with utmost joy. Devotees observe fast for all nine days. During this time, people can only have fruits and special food items that are allowed to be eaten. While all of us have a set preference for what we want to eat during the fast, here are some nutritious ideas that will help you build energy and also maintain taste through the next nine days. Also, know how to cook them at home to ensure hygiene.

1.Sabudana Khichdi

It’s one of the most preferred food items that people like to eat during the fast. Sabudana is full of carbohydrates. So having at least one serving each day can keep you going till the ninth day easily. Fo flavour, you can add peanuts and accompany the khichdi with curd.

2.Banana Chips

This popular snack from the south Indian kitchen can help you keep going for the day. This eas-to-cook chips can be stored in airtight containers and relished during the nine-day-long festivities. 

3.Samvat Chawal Ka Dhokla 

Hunger pangs strike more when you are trying to resist the temptation to eat, such as during a fast. This dhokla is perfect to manage this situation. Prepared with samvat chawal (special rice for the Navratri festival), you can have the dhokla and continue with your fast without worry.

4.Banana Kebabs 

Yes, there is a recipe for this. Add ginger and cardamom seeds, to get a mouthful of flavour and taste.

5.Paneer Rolls 

Ally you need for this dish is grated paneer and mashed aloo. Add a pinch of sendha namak and you are good to go. The quick recipe is good to have with a cup of tea in the evening.

6.Kuttu Ki Poori 

Kuttu or buckwheat flour is easily available in the market during Navratri festivals. Many prefer to eat namkeen pooris made with this flour and sendha namak.

7.Arbi Kofta With Mint Yoghurt Dip

If having aloo and banana chips every morning and evening sound boring, try this kofta recipe to break the monotony. It is healthy and delicious to keep you wanting more.

Try out these delicious snacks this Navratri! 


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