Mind & Body Reset: What is it?


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Mind & Body Reset: What is it?

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A whole body healing, mentally, physically and spiritually.

The physical healing that takes place is because of trapped/stored energy causing you pain. Think about when you fall and hurt your ankle or knee… your hands automatically go to that site. A good way to start getting in touch with your body and her pains is to simply take a series of deep breaths. Imagine your breath starting beyond your toes, coming up slowly through both of your legs until reaching your tailbone, then coming up the middle all the way to the tippy top past your crown. Feel that? Feel where you seem stuck and the breath has a difficult time passing through? That is where you are holding low frequency that needs to be moved to fully harness your abilities.

That might sound a little weird, like OK I know you are breathing from your LUNGS, but this is how you can start connecting your human body with your spirit and digging deeper. As a PURPOSE coach, I have realized that is absolutely pointless to talk PURPOSE with someone who hasn't had a Mind & Body Reset, or some type of energy healing. A couple reasons why: Our brain holds frequency: high frequency (good) and low frequency (limiting/holdbacks/bologna), in order to truly change our mindset, we have to release the triggers and low frequencies to make space for possibility. That's why you feel “stuck,” or repeating the same shit over and over in your life, or in your head. When I am activating those trigger points, such as control, money, joy, sadness, time, space, form, structure (the list goes on), I am able to feel WHERE in your body you are holding onto that, sometimes I get messages or visions from previous trauma/occurrences in your lifetime(s).

I do have one prerequisite to be able to do a Mind & Body Reset with you, and that is that you believe in GOD, or a higher power. Something greater than ourselves and have faith. Without faith, I am unable to help you- without faith their is nothing greater. I get my divine frequency and possibility from God, and activate using Usui Reiki (Universal Life Energy) and our Angels. You will feel a white light pass through or surround you, if you are having connectivity issues with God, it may be yellowish light. You will feel more at ease, and more peaceful in your existence- limitless and able to align with new thoughts/ ways of doing things. I have had clients tell me they can SEE better, walk better, just live life much more vibrantly. Throughout the practice, I will use sound therapy in the form of music and also singing bowls, allowing you to feel the vibration pass through you to aid in clearing out stagnant energy, or low frequency not meant for that chakra.

Each Chakra has it's own frequency to be in alignment:

Crown: 181.63 hz

Third Eye: 161.82 hz

Throat: 144.16 hz

Heart: 128.43 hz

Solar Plexus (PURPOSE): 121.23 hz

Sacral Plexus: 108 hz

Root: 96.22 hz

I also follow up most sessions with a little accupressure, if you are still feeling pain somewhere in your body to release that trigger point on your feet. I finalize each session with a protection band and prayer.

If you commit to PURPOSE & a healing schedule, there's no possible way you will be stuck- or feeling the darkness creep in, when it starts you allow yourself to feel it and heal from there. Healthy self reflection is key. No negative thinking without problem solving, and promising yourself to learn from mistakes, ask yourself: what is this teaching me? Cue the limitless possibilities.

(If you would like a silent appointment- totally cool too! Just let me know!) That's a good way to start getting into meditation.

You may also add halotherapy to any session for $22. Salt therapy to assist in healing inflammation/respiratory issues, also great if you have difficulties relaxing.

You can view the original post here

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