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Ukraine is on fire and it may get much worse. As of this writing, the tragedies have included the bombing of a maternity hospital, a psychiatric ward and other medical facilities, along with attacking people trying to escape the country. And now Putin’s increasing the threat of using atomic bombs. Darkness is afoot!

Are you inhaling the toxic energies from all this suffering when you check the news? Or are you shutting down in relation to all this? Either one is an unhealthy way of coping.

Do you feel totally powerless regarding what to do? You can choose to help by donating to Red Cross or various other organizations.

In our view, it’s also essential to assist in clearing the unresolved collective pain body that has helped to make this disaster happen.

As you know, disasters have been happening more often in the past few decades and far more so in the last few years. Covid, the effects of global warming – floods, forest fires, and so on; double the number of refugees in the past decade, to 82 million globally now. Life is getting more and more intense.

Our understanding is that the universe is sending more and more energy down to earth to help us all go to a higher state of consciousness. However, this is like pouring water into a bucket with silt at the bottom. The water becomes very murky for a while.

We believe that all conscious people, all light workers, all empaths and spiritual warriors – all advanced souls – need to help transmute these toxic energies that are coming up to the surface to be cleared. We all need to help ease the process of our going toward a new earth.

A number of groups are focusing on broad clearing of toxic energies. These are all wonderful efforts. All of these focus on assisting people go to a higher state of consciousness and imagine the world being a better place. Research has found that this approach is quite effective in helping to transmute discordant energies. We totally agree with this focus.

However, in our view, it’s also very important to be more precise in our transformational work rather than sending light to a general area or imagining that things are different. In our experience, it’s most effective to focus specifically on the areas of damage, on the various types of toxic energies, as well as their causes to help transform them more effectively. As an example, some research on mind-body healing shows that focusing precisely on particular difficulties, such as damage to a person’s liver, results in more effective transformation.

In our multidimensional work, we focus on various types of trauma and conflict. For example, with Ukraine, apart from death and trauma from the current invasion, there is also damage from earlier invasions coming up to be healed at people’s DNA level as well as the country’s collective consciousness, as well as damage to the energy field of the land from the current bombing.

If you feel in good shape energetically and emotionally, consider doing some clearing of a few of these energies now.

Clearing exercises:

Begin by going into a higher state of consciousness in a way that feels right for you. If you don’t know how to do this, you can choose to put one hand on your heart center, in the center of your chest, and feel the warmth there. Breathe in and out a bit more deeply than usual. Do this for a few minutes. After that, send caring and compassion to the issues we’ll address here.

Clearing the collective terror of so many people: As of this writing, over three million people have fled the country. As you probably know, emotions are contagious. A group’s reaction can impact others around them, which then increases these energies and prevent people from reacting from their higher wiser side. Imagine your higher energy helping to calm this collective terror so that people can make the best decisions for them at this time.

Although connecting with higher energies is very useful, it doesn’t work very well for a lot of people. We find it very effective to work with a variety of high beings. For example, you could choose to ask Krishna or Christ or Kuan Yin to send healing energy to Ukraine.

There are many more areas you could focus on to help transform and there are also many other methods. If you’d like to learn more from us, we have a webinar series that teaches people about the various forms of broader discordant energies as well as how to clear our collective pain body.

This series helps participants to transform discordant energy not only from Ukraine, but from other types of challenges as well, such as Covid, forest fires, toxic energy in the land from a war a generation ago, and so on. You’ll find that information here:

Rémi Thivierge, from He is trained and qualified as a couple and family therapist, with 45 years experience, and has worked with various types of profound suffering with individuals, couples, families, and groups. For the past ten years, he’s been working with Jill Miller, his wife, to help advanced souls transform trauma within themselves and in their relationshipS, and help them with their ascension and mission. Our main series to assist people in their transformation is Multidimensional Transformation. You can find it here:

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