Full Moon in Libra [April 16, 2022]


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Full Moon in Libra [April 16, 2022]

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Full moon in Libra

April 16th Pink Full Moon Balance ~ Harmony ~ Peace

Time to get serious about LOVE and take action toward what you LOVE

As I wrote this Full Moon in Libra newsletter, crazy winds are entering Las Vegas, reminding me of how we need to blow out the energy of our lives that are causing us to be out of balance.

Get ready for some springtime magic which is all about renewal and rebirthing in our relationships! Fiery and exciting Aries is opposing the sensual and feeling Libra which is ruled by Venus!

Crystals for the Full Moon in Libra

– self-love, peace, forgiveness, attracting healthy relationships

Use- wear rose Quartz jewelry, place a piece of rose Quartz on your heart center, make a full moon elixir by setting it outside to be charged by the full moon light and then drink your mom water taking the energy in internally to nourish your heart. Meditate with Rose Quartz to help release past heartaches and to forgive yourself and others.

– magical transformations helping with rebirthing and renewal of energy

Use- Labradorite is a powerful crystal to use during dream work and meditations. It will help you to deeply access your subconscious to see what is causing imbalances in your life. Wear your Labradorite jewelry sleeping, place it under the full for a charge to help increase its powerful psychic properties. Meditate and journal with a piece of Labradorite nearby. I like to place mine on my third eye while in Savasana.

– peaceful communication from the heart

Use- Wear your Amazonite Jewelry. Amazonite helps to clear stagnate, stuck, heavy, and unwanted energies from your heart center and throat chakra. It provides a clear line to help you communicate more clearly from your heart. Amazonite is an excellent stone to have close to you when Communicating. It is a great stone to help you hear what is in your heart and put that into words.

– releasing unwanted energy, grounding, and stabilizing

Use- Wear your Smokey Quartz Jewelry. Smokey Quartz is associated with our Root Chakra providing us with a grounding and stabilizing energy. It helps to release toxic and unwanted energies from our energy and our bodies. You can make Moon water with Smokey Quartz just like with the Rose Quartz. Drinking the energy of Smokey Quartz will help to remove stagnant energy that you have been holding onto. Smokey Quartz is an excellent stone to help ground your energy after a deep meditation and ceremonial work. Sleeping with Smokey Quartz will help you to have a deep and restful nights sleep.

Journal Prompts: 

What do you need to release to find more balance in your life? What is causing the scales to be off kilter? 

Full Moon Ritual

  • set the space by Lighting and incense or diffusing your favorite essential oil. I like frankincense for clearing the space or Sage
  • Start with a meditation by going within and holding your Labradorite to help bring the subconscious to the conscious for transformation
  • after your meditation would be a perfect time to journal whatever came up during the meditation into also go to the journal prompts that I provided you above
  • write down your releases and what is no longer serving you think about what is causing your life to feel out of balance and after you write those down and encourage you to burn those into a fire releasing the energy to the universe
  • make some moonwater, take some rose quartz and place it in a glass jar under the full moon. You can also do this with your Smokey Quartz. Place the crystals into Separate glass jars  underneath the full moon energizing the Smokey Quartz for releasing and the Rose Quartz for amplifying self-love and sensuality. You can then take that moonwater and drink the energy and internally you could also cook with the moonwater add it to your bath water or even water your plants with it

This full Moon is an opportunity to release anything that is causing you to feel out of balance. Libra is all about balancing our emotions and Aries is all about drive and “get it done” energy! The combined energy of Libra and Aries is about working on finding balance in our lives, a balance between family & friend time, a balance between work & pleasure, a balance between alone time & time with others, and I’m sure there are many more scenarios that could be used as an example. 

Where are you noticing extra pressure?

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