Do You Have Intestine Points after Having Covid-19? I Have Solutions + a Coconut Oatmeal – Supercharged Meals


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Do You Have Gut Issues after Having Covid-19? I Have Answers + a Coconut Oatmeal – Supercharged Food


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Has a post-COVID stomach acquired you down?

For those who’re experiencing lingering digestive points after having Covid-19 you’re not alone. Put up-covid intestine points are one thing I’ve seen a fortune of in my clinic lately – from bloating, reflux and flatulence to constipation, diarrhoea and leaky intestine. So, I’m right here to assist. 

The intestine is the physique’s epicentre to well being. It’s central to most of the physique’s techniques, together with the immune system, so it isn’t shocking that the aftermath of COVID can come within the type of a variety of digestive points. 

A few of the most typical intestine signs related to the virus embody vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, a scarcity of urge for food, belly ache, flatulence, distorted style and nausea. For those who’re experiencing any of those throughout or after catching COVID, no, it’s not a coincidence or your physique taking part in methods on you. Actually, as much as a whopping one-third of individuals with COVID have skilled gastrointestinal signs.

Why does COVID impression the Intestine? 

Whereas the jury remains to be out on this one, it’s clear that though COVID is primarily a respiratory sickness, extra proof means that the GI tract is concerned on this illness.  

The Intestine Lung Axis

It seems that the intestine and the respiratory tract share an immune system, generally known as the gut-lung axis.1 This axis is bi-directional, which suggests if the intestine is affected by micro organism, the lungs will probably be impacted too, and vice versa.2

There are additionally round 100 occasions extra receptors within the GI tract than respiratory organs, so the intestine could possibly home extra viruses when it acquires an an infection. 

In COVID, when pro-inflammatory cytokines enter the physique by means of the lungs, it causes all-over physique irritation. As soon as these cytokines attain the intestine, the virus can journey by means of veins that drain blood from the digestive tract, impacting the all-important vagus nerve.

As soon as this happens, the illness impacts the intestine barrier, altering micro organism inside the intestine, growing its permeability and inflicting extra irritation.3

Elevated intestinal permeability, which is often known as leaky intestine, permits the micro organism to flow into, exacerbating the sickness. When this occurs, we will expertise a variety of digestive discomfort signs, like bloating or flatulence.  

To make issues worse, the drugs taken for different signs of COVID may cause unintended effects like nausea and diarrhoea.

What Occurs to the Microbiome?

The intestine is the most important immune organ within the physique, and its micro organism affect immune responses. The number of the intestine’s micro organism could affect the severity of COVID and the physique’s response to it. Imbalances and irritation within the microbiome could also be implicated in persisting signs, generally known as ‘long COVID’.4

Elevated intestinal permeability or leaky intestine hinders the physique’s skill to digest and take up vitamins, making it more durable to struggle off an an infection.

Who's Most Prone to Expertise Intestine Signs with COVID? 

Sadly, folks with pre-existing GI situations, resembling ulcerative colitis or IBS, could expertise the illness extra severely and have antagonistic issues that is why it is so essential to take care of your intestine well being each prophylactically and on an ongoing foundation.

What’s the Backside Line?

Extra analysis is required to grasp the complete extent COVID has on the physique, however it's clear that the intestine is concerned.  

My Prime Suggestions for The COVID and Put up-COVID Intestine 

A Intestine-Pleasant Weight-reduction plan 

Deal with a gut-friendly weight loss plan stuffed with omega-3 fatty acids, fruits, greens, soups and smoothies. A gut-friendly procuring listing ought to embody anti-inflammatory turmeric, gut-healing gelatine, omega-3-rich fish, protein, gut-loving slippery elm and supercharged Love Your Gut Synbiotic Powder.

The Synbiotic Powder helps restore, restore, and rebalance and reignite your intestine well being from inside.

It accommodates 20 billion bits of affection on your micro organism within the form of a novel and utterly pure synbiotic formulation, with loads of digestive enzymes, dietary fibre and a supercharged blast of antioxidants. You could find out extra here. 

Incorporate meals that not solely make it simpler on your intestine to digest however will make you are feeling lighter and presumably much less fatigued.

A few of my favorite gut-loving meals are steamed, sautéed, stewed or roasted greens, bone broths, fibre-rich meals and gluten-free grains. There are load of recipes right here.

Keep away from triggering meals

In case you are experiencing lingering well being points, assist restore your intestine by avoiding or decreasing caffeine, alcoholic drinks and refined sugar. Giving your intestine a break can enable the intestine lining to heal and assist cut back irritation, too. 

Keep hydrated

Staying hydrated is required to assist transfer issues by means of the physique. Water will help hydrate the kidneys, enhance digestion and cut back fatigue.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Shift the steadiness of unhealthy microflora to a microbiome that may generate power for the physique by consuming extra pre and probiotics.

Probiotics are dwell microorganisms present in yoghurt, kimchi and sauerkraut that add wholesome microbes to the intestine. Prebiotics, present in artichokes, asparagus, and chicory root, act as meals for the intestine’s good micro organism. Prebiotics can enhance immune operate, cut back irritation and even assist weight reduction. Prebiotics and probiotics work harmoniously to assist the intestine microflora survive and thrive. 

Probiotic Meals:

  • Kefir 
  • Kimchi
  • Miso 
  • Sauerkraut
  • Yoghurt 

Prebiotic Meals:

  • Banana 
  • Cassava
  • Chickpea flour
  • Chicory root 
  • Garlic
  • Jerusalem artichoke
  • Leeks 

Intestine Toolkit 

Fulvic Humic Concentrate (FHC) is a good ingredient to incorporate in your intestine toolkit. It helps the integrity of the intestine lining and strengthens its tight junctions, which replenishes microbiota, vitamins, and enzymes after viruses. It additionally helps to stimulate power manufacturing, and improves oxygen ranges. 5

Fulvic acid has numerous research for its results on immune well being and irritation. Check-tube research have proven that it could restrict the discharge of inflammatory substances like tumor necrosis issue alpha (TNF-alpha). 6, 7

The opposite ingredient so as to add to your toolkit is Love Your Gut powder. This powder helps to softly sweep the intestine and thoroughly wipe it clear of dangerous micro organism. Love Your Gut Powder allows you to take up vitamins by eradicating built-up plaque, permitting you to soak up extra out of your meals and enhance digestion.

For those who're feeling drained and depleted, having a soothing and filling breakfast will help. My Coconut Oatmeal on a chilly morning is sort of a heat hug on your insides. Oats are one of the crucial magical gut-healthy meals round, boosting helpful micro organism within the gastrointestinal tract, and relieving points resembling inflammatory bowel illness, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation.

Oats are an excellent supply of resistant starch which isn't digested within the abdomen or small gut and reaches the colon intact. This oatmeal is such a straightforward method to squeeze in some gut-healing advantages very first thing within the morning.


Serves 2


  • 50 g (1 3/4 oz/1/2 cup) gluten-free natural rolled (porridge) oats
  • 250 ml (9 fl oz/1 cup) filtered water
  • pinch of Celtic or Himalayan sea salt
  • pinch of floor cinnamon, plus further for sprinkling
  • 125 ml (4 fl oz/1/2 cup) Coconut Milk
  • 1 handful of combined recent berries
  • mint leaves, to garnish


Mix the oats and water in a small saucepan. Deliver to a simmer
and cook dinner for 12–quarter-hour, or till the oats are tender, stirring often.

Stir within the salt, cinnamon. Combine the coconut milk by means of till creamy and clean.

Serve topped with the berries and mint, and an additional sprinkling of cinnamon.

I would like to know: have you ever skilled any digestive discomfort with COVID?

Let me know within the feedback under.

Hold properly!

Lee x  










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