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*This Is Just A Test*


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As soon as once more, I discover myself feeling drawn to put in writing as the top of one other yr, one other cycle, winds down earlier than delivering us into the start of the subsequent one. These weblog posts was once my essential outlet for expressing myself by the written phrase, and regardless of having transferred that outlet to the realm of book-writing, I've to confess it’s pretty to return again to this medium to depart a couple of phrases to commemorate this second in time.

2021 has been, for these of us who've the capability to acknowledge it, a microcosm of tumultuousness inside which we now have collectively been led to inhale sharply and maintain our breath, solely to exhale as soon as permission was granted. And as soon as that exhalation was handed and forgotten, we discovered an previous sample of respiration that felt acquainted and which introduced reduction after the season of hollowed fears which satisfied us we’d by no means be permitted to breathe freely once more. We knew it wasn’t a one-time factor. We knew we’d be inhaling sharply once more and doing our greatest to get on with life regardless of while holding our breath in anticipation of the permission-to-exhale second. We knew we weren’t out of the woods. However what we forgot, collectively and within the moments of solitude and isolation, was that maybe, as soon as once more, the literal expression of life as pandemic/variant/concern/inhale/holding sample/exhale/neglect/fake/uh-oh/inhale was not the only expertise unfolding. We forgot that maybe the undercurrent of that means which ties every little thing along with goal was having us navigate this expertise of life not being simple on goal in order that we could possibly be introduced with the chance to heal within the face of concern and chaos. We forgot that now and again, we as a race of ant-sized critters scrambling entitledly throughout this globe we inhabit will likely be topic to the life schooling we had been enrolled in at beginning. The teachings which will likely be meted out will serve to humble us and remind us that the standard of our expertise of life is totally and wholly depending on what we do with our ideas, as a result of the world as everyone knows solely exists in every of our minds. These phrases exist in your thoughts, your family members exist in your thoughts, the that means assigned to a pandemic exists in your thoughts, as do the methods you'll cope with it.

This yr introduced us approach, approach down into the depths of despair after which roller-coasted us to the heights of reduction and hope, solely to do what curler coasters do, which is scare the shit out of us as we breach the crest of the downward trajectory. And as we navigate the ups, the downs, and the sacred moments between them, it will be irresponsible of us to not acknowledge that life doesn’t current us with turmoil for nothing. The turmoil with out mirrors the turmoil inside, and the true lesson right here is that if we're not prepared or prepared to work with and discover decision and peace inside ourselves, then we now have completely no proper to judge what happens with out. None. We've got no proper to guage a pandemic, a authorities, an anti-vaxxer or those that imagine vaxxing is the answer. Perceive that life expresses itself as every little thing, and inside that expression will likely be features and parts that make us uncomfortable. We, as those that endure from the plight of the privileged, have been conditioned guilty others for our discomfort so as to shift it, leaving us feeling higher and justified after slinging our shadow onto others. That’s not a repair. That’s a Band-Help. And there's no therapeutic there. Simply harm.

This yr has very a lot been about testing every one in all us to see if and once we will lastly be able to heal. Not from the fallout of Pandemica, however relatively from the injuries which we now have been carrying with us for many years. Typically it takes a pandemic to recontextualize life, and with life recontextualized we discover ourselves coping with previous patterns of concern, previous patterns of helplessness, previous patterns of getting on with life with out what’s scaring us senselessly, previous patterns of projection/blaming/suppressing/repressing/avoiding/anesthetizing.

This has been a yr by which many have lastly determined to do the work that may deal with their shadow, their previous, their wounds. The legislation of karma tells us that if we don’t study the large classes initially, cycles will repeat to proceed giving us the chance to study. And so the curler coaster speeds alongside, our stomachs heaving with each lurch and dive, till we perceive that we had been meant to voluntarily get off the curler coaster and assign the trajectory ourselves. Life has been making an attempt to show us that we may both be held hostage by what “happens to us” or we may step into the roles which have been our birthright from the primary inhalation we ever took and acknowledge the facility and affect we every have in assigning that means that's useful and constructive to a life that may current as something however.

This strategy of therapeutic requires us to query. Query the ideas that come into our minds and ask in the event that they’re actually legitimate or if they're the product of years of dysfunction. Query whether or not being plugged into information retailers is definitely useful. Query whether or not the “news” ought to have been named the “bad news” from the get go. Query whether or not we now have been inspired to thrive in life or inspired to contribute to an financial system which by no means had our greatest pursuits at coronary heart, however which merely wanted our taxes to proceed to receives a commission. And as soon as we now have questioned and mulled over doable responses, our duty, particularly this yr, has at all times been to take a seat again with all of it, discover calm within the respiration, the musculature of the physique, and the thoughts, and understand that it’s all only a check. All of it. Each second of all it's a check to see whether or not we are going to give our energy away to no matter it's that may depart us disempowered and distracted or whether or not we can witness all of it and see it because the trickery of a life that calls for that we transcend turmoil and chaos and at last relaxation within the homeground of our being.

Discover relaxation. That’s the purpose of the sport of life. The sport will seduce you into believing that it’s concerning the race, concerning the win, concerning the competitors, concerning the automobiles, the houses, the journey, the {dollars}, the stature, the job, and so on… The sport will demand that you just be distracted sufficient to not understand that to stage up again and again till you win the sport requires you to search out the sword within the stone, the one ring to rule all of them, the holy grail, and that's relaxation. Relaxation to your thoughts, relaxation to your physique, relaxation to your emotional state, relaxation to your soul.

When confronted with conditions in life that draw you into concern, uncertainty and turmoil, perceive that it's at that particular second that the sport is ON! That’s your cue to search out the remainder that's yours. As an alternative of passing judgement on these you don’t agree with when YOU are the one crammed with stress, as an alternative of selecting extra wound, extra harm, extra turmoil, extra chaos, select to lastly, in the end, heal. And we heal once we relaxation. It’s that straightforward.

I'm wishing you all therapeutic. I'm wishing you all relaxation. I'm wishing us all that which brings the nervous system again to default settings and which helps middle us in calm and readability, symbolic sight and the truth of reality. Blissful, wholesome, therapeutic holidays to us all, and should 2022 proceed to information us again to the homeground inside which therapeutic awaits.


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