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As I discussed the opposite day, one amusing side of biking is that some folks get offended once you recommend you don’t should put on Lycra, as if suggesting it’s fantastic to experience round in a T-shirt is itself a type of elitism. One tortured line of reasoning for this appears to be that solely elitists even suppose that T-shirts are taboo in biking within the first place, although it appears silly to disclaim that budding cyclists have been topic to an anti-cotton worry marketing campaign for generations now, and that anybody attempting to study extra about the best way to costume on the bike goes to should wade via stuff like this:

I don’t need to single out the web site from whence this got here, since I’m positive they imply nicely, however how did we get to the purpose as a society the place individuals are claiming that clothes made out of cotton doesn’t dry?

Some individuals are anxious about local weather change deniers, however I’m anxious about cotton drying deniers, as they're the flat-earthers of the textile world.

Paradoxically, all this speak of cycling-specific clothes as cosplay obtained me within the temper for some cosplay, so I headed out on the classic plastic Vengeance Bike for some critical LARPing:

As I identified on Twitter, between the wool jersey, shorts and socks, the goat gloves, and the leather-wrapped bars and saddle, I laid waste to a complete farm’s value of animals simply to go for a bicycle experience–and that’s not together with the roast beef I ate afterwards.

James Cromwell’s going to chase me down and kill me if he ever unsticks himself from that Starbucks counter:

As a real retrogrouch, I solely glue myself to the counters of chain shops with glue made out of horse hooves.

Because it seems, I obtained much more LARPing than I bargained for, since apparently the Gran Fondo New York is that this weekend and I obtained swept up in some sort of pre-Fondo coaching experience:

Vainly I struggled to maintain up, my non-aero brake cables taunting me by tickling my higher lip:

Judging from their clothes and their speech I used to be getting handed by riders from all around the world:

However whereas I'll not have received any KOMs, I used to be the undisputed chief within the “Accessories Made From Animals And Animal By-Products” competitors, and that’s gotta rely for one thing:

Additionally, I did go somebody on a contemporary Kestrel, and I even thought-about asking him if I may take an image of our bikes facet by facet, however it appeared like an annoying factor to do to somebody on a steep climb.

By the best way, chances are you'll name that the Gran Fondo New York was the inspiration for the BSNYC Gran Fondon’t:

Whereas it’s clearly too late to place one collectively for this weekend, it did happen to me that it is likely to be value contemplating one within the not-too-distant future, particularly if I may get some hapless sponsor to pay for meals and beer. At this level I’d put the chances of such a factor taking place at 39%.

Within the meantime, the fabled Route 9W was festooned with Fondo-themed finery:

Which afforded me the chance to take deceptive selfies that I can later use to recommend I took half within the experience:

And sure, 2022 is the yr I formally stopped shaving my legs, and as soon as I cease shaving my chest I’ll formally be 100% razor-free:

By this level within the experience I used to be totally having fun with the futuristically dated Kestrel:

I did nonetheless proceed to be lower than impressed with the C-File elements, which, whereas undeniably stunning, appeared typically balkier than even the standard 105 components on the Normcore Nostalgia Bike. In truth, for all of the discuss how dangerous Delta brakes are, they appeared to be the best-performing part of the group, and in my quick tenure with the bike I’d even had couple cases when, upon downshifting into the small ring, the chain form of skated on high of the tooth as an alternative of partaking them. Then I lastly seen one thing:

See how the derailleur pulley cage is form of nestled in between the cogs?

Nicely, it seems that in numerous gear mixtures that’s the place it winds up:

I hadn’t seen it till this level since, because it occurs, the cage slips in there properly and when it’s in gear it runs quietly. Nonetheless, as you possibly can think about, when it’s not completely in gear it’s moderately chattery, although even that appeared throughout the realm of typical friction shifter habits, so it didn’t happen to me that something was amiss and I merely put it right down to that Italian ardour everybody loves a lot.

So why would the derailleur be using the cogs like that? The elegant piece of equipment had no ugly B-tension screw (eeew, gross!!!) in order that wasn’t it–although to my horror I noticed I’d gouged up the pulley cage a bit:

So I fiddled with the shifter just for it to lose all rigidity, at which level I used to be sure I’d simply snapped the cable, although happily it had merely liberated itself from the anchor bolt:

Lastly I noticed the derailleur scenario have to be the results of one thing else I hadn’t seen, which was the slack chain:

The dearth of rigidity on the derailleur was clearly why it was hitting the cogs. It might additionally clarify the skating-across-the-teeth phenomenon:

Because it occurred, there was a kind of public bike restore stands close by, and the ganglion of rusty instruments appeared like one thing you’d pull out of the ocean:

Sadly there was no chain software, or else I’d have eliminated a few hyperlinks. As an alternative I resumed my experience, taking a little bit additional care when shifting, and I accomplished the experience with out incident. Subsequently, Paul of Basic Cycle defined that he’d fitted the bike with a smaller chainring earlier than sending the bike to me, therefore the surplus chain. This after all raises the query: “Who used to own this Kestrel and what kind of crazy gears were they pushing?” Whoever they had been, clearly they had been critical about unleashing the bike’s full superior composite potential.

A dramatic outing? Actually. However diagnosing issues with classic componentry while swaddled in wool is all in a day’s work for the Outdated Crap Check Pilot:

They don’t give a patch like that to only anyone.


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