Not too way back a bunch of motorcycle business large photographs made some form of “climate commitment,” however right here’s why they need to cease beating themselves up and depart that to the (semi-)professionals, like me:

This doesn't imply I’m notably enamored with plastic bikes and electronical shifting and gratuitously affixing the phrase “gravel” to the whole lot. Nevertheless, it does imply I acknowledge that no one’s forcing me to purchase any of it. Moreover, I additionally recognize that the brand new stuff Freds fantasize about at present will finally grow to be the classic stuff retrogrouches rhapsodize about tomorrow.

Effectively, not all of it's going to age nicely; a few of it's simply gimmicky crap. However when wasn’t that true? The identical goes for advertising, which is little doubt as previous as time. I’m certain moments after some caveman caveperson invented the wheel, one other cavehuman got here out with a revolutionary new gravel wheel:

[100% wood fiber, iron axle for stiffness, and additional width for lower rolling resistance and traction on loose surfaces.]

And let’s not overlook that within the late nineteenth century the Pennyfarthing Freds most likely ridiculed the protection bicycle riders mercilessly; the truth is I imagine the time period “safety bicycle” was meant considerably derisively, as a result of what may very well be extra noob-tastic than having to experience a “safety” bike? Actual cyclists experience bikes so excessive a fall from them is immediately deadly!

So yeah, maintain making what you’re making, bike business, and I’ll maintain not shopping for it till 20 years later.