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Glutamine; Hoax or Healer? | Changing Habits


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I’ve been within the diet world far too lengthy to see a brand new complement development on TikTok and develop into a finest vendor to not be just a little suspicious as to its means to do all of the issues claimed.

I additionally marvel how the demand for this nutrient might be maintained worldwide. Is it an extract, or is it being made utilizing artificial biology (Crispr expertise)?  A much more environment friendly system.  And am I ready to be swept up within the hype?

With regards to preventative well being care, I’m a vitalist not a mechanist. Within the case of emergency care, the data of mechanism comes up trump, however in relation to prevention, sustaining and discovering well being, the philosophy of vitalism by no means appears to fail.  I do know that dietary supplements might be a part of each footage.

There isn't any one panacea vitamin or nutrient for good well being –  it takes a life-style change. Utilizing natural actual meals, clear water, connection, sunshine, high quality air, sleep and acceptable motion.

Meals is my mantra, not dietary supplements – so let’s discuss one of many newest that’s trending.

Glutamine is essentially the most plentiful amino acid (a part of a protein chain) within the physique.  It’s referred to as a conditional amino acid, which implies your physique could make it, however it likes to get a provide from the meals you eat.  Meals which are excessive in glutamine embrace beef, eggs, tofu, milk, bone broth, spirulina, chinese language cabbage, cottage cheese, asparagus, venison, wild caught fish, turkey, corn and rice, in different phrases, glutamine is throughout the animal and plant kingdoms.

Glutamine participates within the formation of purine and pyrimidine nucleotides, amino sugars, glutathione, glutamate and different amino acids in addition to protein synthesis, wound therapeutic, glucose manufacturing, is a crucial gas for the immune system, the mind and intestine mucosal cells, and it's on the coronary heart of controlling pH steadiness within the physique. It's not like different amino acids in that it's not steady in an answer and depends upon temperature, pH and holding time for stability.

The supplementation of glutamine has confirmed to be very efficient in burns and wound victims, severely compromised immune techniques and therapeutic after main surgical procedure or bodily trauma.  It’s additionally been used to alleviate the results of chemotherapy.  Glutamine manufacturing by the physique is disturbed with alcohol consumption.  As soon as alcohol is out of the system, the physique produces glutamine once more. Glutamine has additionally been used to assist folks with sickle cell anemia because the 1950’s.

It has its place in therapeutic and trauma.  Little question about it, however the query is ought to all of us be taking it each day, and is it the almighty panacea for well being?

Glutathione, one other stylish nutrient, is made by the physique through the use of glutamine, glycine and cysteine.  Glutathione is a robust antioxidant within the physique, it additionally performs a key position in metabolism of poisons, creation and restore of DNA, manufacturing of protein and prostaglandins, activation of enzymes, and is a part of immune responses.  To make glutathione you could have the three amino acids current together with different enzymes and co-enzymes (glutamine (our matter of dialog), cysteine and glycine).  I do know there are numerous ‘g’ phrases.

If there's a restricted amino acid then the manufacturing of glutathione can be restricted.  Let me clarify with a ardour of mine; Glyphosate (the herbicide used on many meals crops) takes the place of glycine within the amino acid chain in crops and animals and if it does this, then glycine could possibly be the limiting amino acid, not glutamine. In different phrases, you could possibly have as a lot glutamine as you need however can be restricted in making glutathione as a result of lack of glycine because of trendy agricultural chemical substances.  So what does this imply? We have now to take a look at the massive image, not only one nutrient.

Why unexpectedly can we want extra glutamine?

After I did biochemistry by way of college (and proceed to review it at present) it fascinated me how innately clever our our bodies are, that they'll run all these biochemical pathways.  However with out the correct components, it's restricted in its means. For people to outlive to this time limit meals and life-style is what allowed the innate intelligence of the physique to be at its healthiest.  However industrial agriculture, proliferation of artificial well being disrupting chemical substances in each space of our life and meals processing, has depleted our meals of fine diet.  So, the reply has been to complement somewhat than have a look at the foundation reason for the problem within the first place, thereby not needing to take dubiously made and manufactured dietary supplements.

We're enjoying with fireplace after we complement with artificial vitamins each day.  For instance, let’s take what we find out about Vitamin C.  Ascorbic Acid is the outer shell of the entire meals Vitamin C advanced.  I heard somebody describe complete meals Vitamin C like a automobile.  The ascorbic acid is the body, the wheels include copper and the engine is the enzyme tyrosinase.  Tyrosinase initiates the oxidation of the amino acid tyrosine into melanin (pores and skin pigmentation).  Entire meals vitamin C contains rutin, bioflavonoids, choline, P issue, J issue, Ok issue and ascorbinogen.  Every considered one of these parts has a component to play in vitamin C being utilized by the physique the best way it needs to be.  Because of this as a substitute of Altering Habits promoting ascorbic acid, we promote a complete meals Nature’s Vitamin C constituted of 100% Camu Camu.

The discoverer of Vitamin C, Dr Albert Szent-Georgi, Nobel Prize Laureate mentioned “Ascorbic Acid simply cannot confer vitamin activity”.   Vitamin C will not be just for immune help and connective tissue however offers the substrate on which we're capable of create mobile vitality – ATP.  Your well being depends upon a gradual stream of this vitality unit.  With out it demise is imminent.

Keep in mind that in nature similar to ascorbic acid, glutamine isn't present in isolation it's in a complete flood with different amino acids, fat, sugars and phytonutrients which all work symbiotically collectively to nourish and preserve us wholesome.

How is almost all of glutamine made for the complement and medicinal market?

As at all times, I am going to the patents to learn how that is performed.  Again within the 1950’s earlier than genetic modification of microbes and fermentation, glutamine was made in a chemical laboratory utilizing starters, reagents and solvents, however now it's made utilizing a genetically modified microbe on a sugar medium which could possibly be genetically modified sugar beet.  The microbe is coryneform bacterium that has been genetically modified utilizing Crispr expertise to boost its intracellular glutamine synthetase (enzyme) exercise to provide copious quantities of l-glutamine for a burgeoning complement and industrial market.  The genetically modified microbe is named Corynebacterium glutamicum.

Corynebacterium glutamicum is an industrial microbe historically used for the manufacturing of amino acids. It was first found in producing glutamate. Now it's used to make amino acids, comparable to lysine, threonine, isoleucine, in addition to nutritional vitamins like pantothenate (vitamin B5).  So, if you see these dietary supplements, it’s probably that they're made utilizing artificial biology (see my article on this right here).

Corynebacterium glutamicum holds the potential to be upgraded into probably the most profitable industrial microorganisms on the earth when the trendy disciplines and applied sciences (artificial biology, CRISPR genomic modifying,) are utilized in a combinatorial and superior vogue.


This is the place I've an issue.


After we genetically modify microbes like micro organism, fungi, virus’s and moulds, we're enjoying with a big a part of nature and if these microbes escape from the laboratories, what are the results?  We have now already seen the consequence of 1 leak over the previous 2 years.  I don’t assume we actually know nor do I imagine anybody is aware of, however in my thoughts I’m not ready to help this unknown aspect of science and genetic engineering.


Glutamine is being touted as the brand new marvel complement, however I wonder if it’s not that we'd like extra glutamine however somewhat to be extra aware of the place we supply our meals and the way we reside our lives.


Avoiding life and meals that damage the immune system and digestive system – learn my ebook Lab to Desk to study what these are and know easy methods to supply meals from moral sources and have a tendency to the physique’s innate immune system by residing the rules of a wholesome life-style. Having this understanding shortcuts the necessity for these white-powdered artificial dietary supplements made by way of doubtful implies that in the long run is not going to be supportive of your well being or the planets.


If you're in a vital situation and that is what it is advisable survive by all means that is when trendy medication shines, however to your day-to-day diet and well being, search out the rules of wholesome consuming as taught by Altering Habits and The Nutrition Academy.


To verify I get all my wants for glutamine I do the next;

  1. Eat meals excessive in glutamine (see above listing).
  2. Ensure that the meals you purchase haven't been grown utilizing agricultural chemical substances which are detrimental to your well being, your intestine, immune system, and the atmosphere, subsequently lowering your want for copious glutamine.
  3. Attempt gradual cook dinner meats and fermented meals.
  4. Add gelatin (altering habits) and collagen (wild collagen reds) to your weight loss program
  5. Add Camu Camu Nature’s Vitamin C to your each day consumption of meals
  6. Deal with your physique with respect and apply the rules of a wholesome life-style.
  7. Scale back alcohol consumption
  8. Make wild collagen reds protein balls 



Dietary supplements develop into bestsellers as a result of we not do what we have to do to be wholesome, so we search for the short repair, however that fast repair is only a bandaid that may finally fester and worsen.  Put the work in now to reap the advantages not solely now however sooner or later and to your future generations.


Cyndi O’Meara




Additional studying on CRISPR expertise and genetic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum to make glutamine.



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