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8 Form Tai Chi (follow me)


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8 Type Tai Chi | Yang Type | Comply with Me Mirror Model | 八式太极拳

This sluggish simple to observe ‘follow me’ model of the Eight Type Tai Chi is ideal for inexperienced persons or these searching for a brief every day observe of Tai Chi. I'm your mirror for this observe, so we transfer collectively in the identical path all through the observe. Yang Type advantages well being, vitality and immunity and is a delicate flowing train appropriate for all ages and skills.

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Actions for the 8 Type Tai Chi :

0:00 : Opening Type : 起式
0:12 : Reverse reeling forearms (Repulse Monkey) : 倒卷肱
0:32 : Brush knee push : 左、右搂膝拗步
1:00 : Half the wild horse’s mane : 左、右野马分鬃
1:18 : Wave palms like clouds : 云手
1:44 : Rooster stands on one leg : 左、右金鸡独立
2:04 : Kick with Heel : 右、左蹬脚
2:25 : Grasp the Peacock’s Tail : 右、左揽雀尾
3:18 : Cross Arms : 十字手
3:33 : Closing Type : 收式

? Advantages of Tai Chi & Qigong:

  • Improves co-ordination as you be taught to carry Thoughts, Physique and Breath collectively in to a rhythmic dance of palms, waist and toes
  • Relieves stress and insomnia – serving to the thoughts calm after a busy day and transferring the thoughts right into a extra restful place to provoke sleep
  • Strengthens and will increase flexibility of the core, shoulder and leg muscle tissue
  • Relieve stress within the neck and shoulders and will increase mobility On-line

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You can view the original post here

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