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15 Actually Very Helpful Ways to Use Yoga Blocks in Your Practice — Runners Love Yoga


These last 3 are amongst the more interesting ways to use blocks—notice here that all of these involve the block or blocks in a unique placement from what we have seen thus far!

13. Under your bum in virasana (hero’s pose). Reminder that in hero’s pose, your knees should be able to remain comfortably together (otherwise just don’t do this pose!). Begin in a kneeling position with knees together and place the block between your heels where your bum would land if you sat down. Then, manually roll the calves outward (yes, use your hands!) as you then come to sit on the block. This is a helpful modification if sitting on the ground in virasana is too intense for either calves or knees!

14. Under sacrum in supported setu bandha sarvangasana (bridge pose). Try this one as a way to really relax into the backbend here, allowing legs to totally relax and to just be supported by the block or blocks. Experiment with whether 1 or 2 blocks is best for you here! Try using a single block and flipping it to the medium height instead of the usual lower height!

15. Under sacrum in supported sarvangasana (shoulderstand). This pose is a wonderful logical progression after supported bridge (#14)! Take one foot up, THEN the other! Reach through the balls of your feet and think of lifting up through your chest, like you are a bird in winter puffing its chest out! To exit the pose, again first allow one foot to fully land, and then let the other float down.

Blocks can add nuance and excitement to your yoga practice by allowing you to experience a pose in a whole new way. Try some of these out and see what happens!

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