The Mild of the Divine Spark


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The Light of the Divine Spark

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Theosophy is without doubt one of the foundational data bases for power and religious therapeutic normally. Originating within the writings of Ukrainian-born H.P. Blavatsky (HPB), and deepening in breadth with the early Twentieth Century efforts to mix Indian and different Asian philosophies with Western concepts, Theosophy aimed toward bringing collectively the world’s mystical traditions beneath one international roof, together with the then-popular expertise of spirit world communication. Nonetheless, by the top of the Twentieth Century, a lot of this work had been watered down, and repackaged, rendering a fancy and nuanced religious custom far much less transformative.

The Theosophy idea of the monad stays an vital one for power healers. The monad brings collectively the energies of two Indian ideas: Atma (pure and everlasting spirit) and Buddhi (the religious soul that could be a automobile for the Atma). The religious mild of atma shines via Buddhi, or – should you favor it – the radiance of the divine illuminates the person soul.

Whereas simplistic trendy ideas of religious improvement noticed the individuating ego as a hindrance, and alignment with Divine Will the top level of religious progress, Theosophy noticed a extra layered method to the thought of divine mild or power of the Atma infusing a person’s life with inspiration and perception. HPB wrote that the monad is “a mystery”, standing because it does between individuality and common essence.

For my part, and private expertise, the creator and healer Barbara Brennan utilized the monad power in her particular person and group therapeutic work, conflating it with the Pathwork idea of Core mild. She recognized a single level within the physique that might entry the “core star” or monadic mild, and would invite it to “upwell” or increase in a three-dimensional approach all through all the bodily physique, cell by cell. So vital was the core star growth power to Brennan that she included it as a graduate-level therapeutic ability taught on the finish of her 4 12 months coaching course for skilled power healers.

So what does the monadic power do, when accessed and invited to fill the power physique of the shopper? As you possibly can see by our Theosophy hints, this power combines private and non-personal, or common essence, into a novel mix of each. To the extent the shopper has change into distanced and even separated by their divine important nature because of early experiences of their lives, the monadic mild (core star mild) re-awakens that divine spark present in every cell of the human physique, primarily reminding it of its true non-dual nature.

As with most power therapeutic frequencies that healers use, the monadic power may be activated after it has been transmitted to the healer from an unique supply. All that's wanted is common publicity to any helpful power frequency, and a approach to activate and direct it, after which the healer can be taught to make use of it along with her personal shoppers successfully. Reiki work leans closely into this concept of transmission from an unique supply into the present-day therapeutic work.

In Relational Power Remedy I have a tendency to order the monadic / core star energies for particular conditions that I've seen can be benefitted by the shopper in getting extra in contact with their inherent divine essence.

Listed here are some sensible examples of utilizing monadic / core star power in my therapeutic observe:

A) Used to finish Astral extraction work or astral physique purging of invasive entities. After finishing astral work I've discovered it important to fill the areas with monadic / core star mild, in order to re-initialized the cells as to their unique nature. The problem of decrease astral therapeutic work specifically is the “separation consciousness” that these entities really feel, and expertise in their very own non-physical existence. In distinction, the wholesome human being has contact with each their human (Buddhi) and their divine (Atma) nature.

The fashionable day analogy for that is in case your laptop will get a virus, and to clear it out you wipe the laborious disk clear, and reinstall a recent working system. The monadic / core star power is the “re-formatting’ possibility for the shopper’s mobile well being, completed after any astral physique purging

B) I do a whole lot of power boundary work, which incorporates cleansing the shopper’s power physique boundary of emotional materials or thought types from the previous, in order to arrange the chakras and their relational cording for deep work. It may be useful, for the shopper, to be bathed in a mix of astral clearing frequencies in addition to an infusion of monadic / core star mild. The additional increase of the twin nature energies assist activate the pure psychic “immune” system of the physique, getting ready the shopper for a deeper dive into their nature than maybe has been permitted by previous influences.

That is much like the idea of baptism, and to the concepts round initiation: a washing away of the previous, and a aware entry into a brand new one.

C) Clearing areas within the bodily world. Usually a shopper is making an attempt to heal in a lower than ideally suited bodily atmosphere, the place the room or the home incorporates previous psychic energies working towards the shopper. By first increasing the monadic / core star energies all through the shopper’s physique, after which retaining that growth going past their private boundary, and into the room, maybe even past the home partitions, there could be a space-cleaning impact that often brings reduction to the shopper.

Ideally, they could properly must relocate, to discover a new dwelling, however till that occurs the monadic / core star mild can decrease exterior forces, and supply assist for the shopper in a specific approach.

I hope these three examples offer you a way of the way to make the most of the monadic / core star mild, in a sensible approach. In case you are a BBSH pupil or graduate, you've gotten already been uncovered to those frequencies, and will simply have the ability to faucet into them. After I work with BBSH graduates who left the Brennan Faculty twenty years in the past or extra, their power methods nonetheless “remember” this frequency, and reply to it when it's used of their present therapeutic work.

This frequency can be a superb self-healing useful resource so as to add in your private power physique hygiene: to fill your self with the non-dual and glowing mild of the monadic / core star mild, and let it heal you by encouraging the emergence of your individual twin nature.

Not surprisingly, a whole lot of the “New Age” music over the previous forty years, helps us activate this frequency. Discover some music that does it for you, and play it whereas doing all your self therapeutic session. For instance, after thirty years passing, I can nonetheless play Marjory Valeri’s great harp music to activate the core star energetic house. Within the early years of the Barbara Brennan Faculty of Therapeutic (BBSH) Marjory would channel harp music whereas Barbara Brennan would go into trance and emanate the core star mild, to uplift all the group.

I hope you'll find your individual entry level for this vital power frequency, for each your private therapeutic work, and for sharing it with others.

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