Learn How Medicinal Mushrooms Helped me to Overcome a Nasty Jaw and Gut Infection


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Learn How Medicinal Mushrooms Helped me to Overcome a Nasty Jaw and Gut Infection

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Do you suffer from an illness such as Lyme Disease or MS?  

Is your immune system compromised? 

Is your auto-immune disease-causing severe fatigue?

When we lived in TN, deep in tick country, I ended up with Chronic Lyme Disease.  Many chronic illnesses and diseases break down your immunity, your health and your mental health. Your body is always in fighting mode. Fatigue is a common complaint which is often severe at times.

Even though I have recovered from most of the most serious effects of Lyme Disease such as brain and memory impairment, I will be fighting this the rest of my life. It is what it is, and I am grateful that the herbs work on keeping the Lyme under control. It affects my immune system to a severe degree.

As an herbalist, I was trained in Western herbs. Mushrooms were expensive and I just never got into them until last year. About in August of last year, my jaw became infected and then my throat as well.  The herb regimen knocked it down some, but my immune system could not seem to work to completely knock it out.  This went on for weeks and nothing worked completely. 

It was then that I began researching mushrooms and their immune strengthening abilities.  I was impressed enough with the days of research that I bought several mushroom powders including Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey tail, and Chaga. I made them into a drink using 4 grams each of the different dried mushroom powders above mixed in with a little hot chocolate powder.  I was not sure what to expect but after researching them, felt it was my best bet to bolster up my immune system to fight the stubborn infections. 

Within days I felt stronger physically, then my jaw and throat began to improve as well.  My physical strength has improved dramatically since using the medicinal mushroom mix every day.  I now give them to my husband as well which has improved his physical stamina. 

Along with the jaw infection, I also experienced gut problems so severe I could not eat for days without pain under my ribs. That too, is gone now as well. My stomach and digestion issues were very severe at the time, and I even considered going to the doctor, which I rarely do.  I am sure that the jaw and throat infection was filling my body with lethal toxins that were causing the gut pain.

Now these medicinal mushrooms are first on my supply list to keep my health up. They are expensive but your health is extremely important and without that you have nothing. To me, they have done more for my physical and immune system strength than anything else I tried over those months. You must have a healthy immune system to overcome any health issue or disease.  Even with taking herbs, it is extremely important for your immune system to be healthy enough to fight off the infection or cancer.

In the next several blogs, I am going to discuss the various mushrooms going into depth on the different properties that are used as tools against cancer, infections and to improve immunity.

All for today, Cathryn Freer, the herbladyisin

You can view the original post here

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