5 Powerhouse Moves – Strength In Motherhood


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5 Powerhouse Moves - Strength In Motherhood

Want to try this with other moms just like you in your area? Try one of our Stroller Barre classes nationwide!

Stroller Barre® is a 60-minute cardio and strength interval class designed to improve posture, stability, and mobility. The workout combines moves inspired by barre, ballet, Pilates, fitness, and yoga to help you regain your posture and alignment and strengthen your body from the inside out! Stroller Barre will help you reconnect with your body, increase flexibility and develop the core strength needed for motherhood. Plus, each class is full of fellow moms full of friendship, support, and camaraderie.

“Of all the classes under FIT4MOM’s umbrella, Stroller Barre is my favorite. I love the emphasis on posture and vertical core training, gaining strength through small, controlled movements, and feeling intentional about the way my body moves. After a Stroller Barre class, the body feels energized and aligned. This has been particularly helpful to me during pregnancy and the newly postpartum period. A mom’s day goes so fast; Stroller Barre promises moms the much-needed time to body scan so they can be better aware of how their body moves as it changes during these pre- and postnatal periods,” Sarah shares.

Each Stroller Barre instructor is skilled to meet you where you are mentally and physically. You’ll leave class feeling connected, successful, and energized! This class is all about self-care in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Find your village, mama. Search for a location near you here.

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