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Two Modes


There are times to preserve – and there are times to push.

2021 was a year of preservation. A year of not backsliding too much. A year of leaning on foundational habits (whole foods as much as possible, prioritizing sleep, staying hydrated, getting outside for fresh air and walks).

Given that I work with most clients for a year, we’re bound to bump up against challenging periods. It can be tempting to let healthy habits slip entirely when life is hard. To check out. To stop showing up for ourselves. Or – we can practice preservation during the trying phases of life.  

One of the many lessons I learned while caring for my mom was how to maintain a baseline level of self-care when bandwidth was consistently low.

There were no homemade meals from scratch, but I utilized a healthy meal service that delivered fully cooked meals.

There were no strength training sessions or trips to the gym, but I could pop in my Air pods and go for a quick walk.

Now that I’m coming out the other side, it’s time to return to pushing. Home-cooked meals. Amped up workouts. Self-development.

While I’m not interested in signing up for another year like this past one, it helped me understand and empathize with clients who are in the trenches.

There are the routine ups and downs of life – and there are times when the wheels fall off the wagon. Knowing when to push and when to preserve is essential.

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