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beard growth kits that actually work


Top 10 Best Beard Growth Kits in India. Beard is the new “Gentleman look” these days! And, grooming & beard growth kits are the new essentials.

Beard requires care and maintenance. A messy one would look cool on some occasions but, a neat one makes you ready to go. For this, the right grooming or beard growth kit is all you need.

Just like beard care, Growing a beard is also a task. 

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A frequently asked question is,

Do Beard Growth Kits Work?

Well, It depends. 

Now, you need to understand a few things. You need to know yourself before going for any of the products. 

You may not have much facial hair as a result of your genes. Or, you may have a lot of facial hair but they are too hard to manage, so you have to shave it frequently. 

In the former case, beard growth products will not give you results because they can not change your genetic configuration

In the latter case, you may use beard grooming kits and beard care essentials to maintain it and make it look nice.

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Also, before using any products make sure it suits your skin. Because saving the facial skin is definitely more important than having a cool big beard. 

Click Here to know your skin type and a care routine for the same.

beard growth kits that actually work
Keep Reading for a beard like this.

Now, That you know your answer to do beard growth kits work, which is a Yes. Let’s see,

For Whom Will Beard Growth Kits Work?

Beard growth kits and products will work for you only if you have some beard in the first place.

If your genetics do not support beard growth, you can not blame any products for it.

If you have a patchy beard or tiny facial hair then these products will turn out to be helpful.

These five kits are so effective that next time someone asks you- Do beard growth kits work?, You will have a strong answer with 5 amazing suggestions.

Top 10 Best Beard Growth Kits in India With Top Reviews.

All of these beard growth kits/ products have a rating of 3+ out of 5. You can pick one according to your skin and beard type.

Know your beard type! 

And, these are not sponsored brands. It is an honest and open review. 

1. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil – 35ml – More Beard Growth

The Kit Contains-

Key Features:-

In a beard growth test done by an independent lab, the USTRAA Beard Growth Oil showed up to 40% more hair forming cells.
This oil will help you get growth and volume in your beard by using the unique Redensyl chemical, which works on your hair’s stem cells.
8-natural oils, including Argan, Acai berry, Castor, Almond, Olive, Watermelon seed, Gooseberry, and Avocado oils, moisturise and nourish your beard, keeping it healthy, nourished, and well-groomed.

Beard Oil is a specially prepared beard oil that promotes beard growth.

Redensyl rebalances the hair’s natural cycle for hair development by working on both the roots and the shaft.

Why Do You Need A Beard Shampoo?

Treat your beard right with the amazing range of products from this beard growth kit. It has no additives or harsh chemicals.

A perfect gift for a bearded man!

Ratings on Amazon- 4.5/5

2. Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Kit- (beard growth kit with Derma roller.)

The Kit Contains-

  • Derma Roller- Hair Growth Titanium Microneedle (0.5mm)
  • Beard Growth Oil – Onion
  • Charcoal Facewash
  • Beard Tracker

Key Features :-

  • For a healthy and robust beard, get beard growth-stimulating products. For an even beard growth, specially blended with our finest components.
  • The Charcoal Face Wash, which is enriched with Activated Charcoal, eliminates all debris and dust, leaving you with supple skin to begin with. Activate the development of your beard with the Beard Activator, which contains 540 titanium needles that stimulate hair follicles for continuous and healthy growth.
  • Our Beard Growth Oil contains Onion Oil, which promotes hair growth, Rosemary Oil, which aids in blood circulation, and Argan Oil, which acts as a natural conditioner and reduces frizz.
  • A specially made beard oil nourishes and soothes your skin while also enhancing your appearance. Made entirely of natural superfoods. Silicone, paraben, and sulphate are not present in our goods.

Ratings on Amazon- 4.5/5

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3. BEARDO Don Beard Growth Pro Kit

The Kit Contains-

  • Beard Growth Oil
  • Beard activator
  • Irish Beard Wash
  • Growth Roll on

A perfect range of products is offered by this beard growth kit for all kinds of beards and mustache.

Best self-care techniques of all time.

The products are unscented and organically made to keep your facial hair and skin hydrated, moisturized, silky soft, healthy and groomed all day long.

Ratings on Amazon- 4.5/5

4. The Man Company Beard Growth Oil for Men with Argan & Geranium For faster Growth

The Kit Contains-

Key Features

  • Frizz is tamed for a more manageable beard: This beard oil is rich with nutrients to nurture your beard and contains Argan Oil, Geranium, Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Almond Oil, Hazelnut Oil, and Jojoba Oil. This all-natural beard oil improves manageability and provides long-lasting conditioning, making it the best beard management oil available.
  • Nourishes from within: Our beard oil readily penetrates deep into the skin and contains substances that are known to nourish and encourage a healthy beard. (Results may vary depending on the individual.)
  • Geranium possesses anti-bacterial and anti-microbial qualities, as well as a refreshing scent.
  • Moroccan Argan oil, sometimes known as “liquid gold,” has been shown to make hair smoother, silkier, and shinier.

Ratings on Amazon- 4.5/5

5. Ligera – 4 Step Beard Growth Kit

The Kit Contains-

  • Mustach Growth Oil
  • Beard Activator
  • Beard Wash
  • Beard Oil

Key Features And Steps

  • IN 4 WEEKS, GROW A THICKER BEARD AND MUSTACHE- This beard growth kit combination set will help you grow the beard of your dreams.
  • BEARD REGIME IN 4 STEPS- Follow these 4 steps to grow your beard and moustache and get rid of Patchy Beard.
  • STEP 1 (CLEANSE): The Beard & Face Wash with Menthol, Jojoba, and Activated Charcol thoroughly washes your skin, as well as your beard and moustache hair. It cleans your pores of all dust, debris, and grime, laying the groundwork for a healthy beard development. It also purifies the skin by removing all toxins from deep inside the layers of the skin.
  • STEP 2 (Trigger): The Beard Activator is equipped with 540 titanium needles that activate thousands of small pores. It activates beard growth by increasing blood circulation and making it easier for the skin to absorb the nutritious components in the Advanced Beard Growth Oil for Men.
  • STEP 3 (GROW & NOURISH YOUR BEARD): The Advanced Beard Growth Oil is formulated to help your beard grow faster. It also comes with a well-balanced scent that will make you and your beard smell great. STEP-4 (MUSTACHE GROW & NOURISH): Formulated for Mustache Growth and Hair Thickness.

Ratings on Amazon- 4.5/5

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6. Beardinator Advanced Beard Growth Oil

Key Features

  • TURBOCHARGE YOUR BEARD: The Advanced Beard Growth Oil ensures that your beard is nurtured by nature’s force.
  • BEARD GROWTH STIMULATES: Bhringraj Oil’s vitamin-rich content promotes beard growth.
  • ROOT BIOTEC’S MAGIC: Root BioTec’s potent formula stimulates fuller beard growth.
  • KEEPS BEARD NOURISHED: Neem Oil nourishes and promotes the growth of your beard.
  • ARGANIA AND GERANIUM NATURAL OIL BLEND: Keeps your beard smooth and lustrous. Free of parabens, silicones, and mineral oils

7. Vasu Greeko Man Beard Growth and Styling Kit

Key Features

  • Sweet Almond oil, Sesamum oil, Olive oil, and Vitamin E are the main ingredients. ProVitamin B5, olive oil, and aloe vera Vitamin-E, Shea butter, Olive oil, Coconut oil
  • How Do I Use It? Massage oil into the beard to soften and control it, making it easier to style. Apply to a moist beard and face and lather up with water before rinsing. Use on a regular basis to maintain a fresh, clean appearance. After washing and drying your beard, spread Greeko Man Styling Cream evenly over it and style it.
  • Features: Encourages the growth of a healthy and natural beard. It adds radiance and smoothness to the skin. Beard is nourished and softened. Enhances the ability to manage. Skin and beard are cleansed and hydrated. Gives skin and beard a smoother, clearer, and more youthful appearance. Beard is moisturized and styled with this product. Softens and nourishes the beard.

8. Spruce Shave Club Advanced Beard Growth Oil

Key Features

  • This Spruce Shave Club 100 percent Natural Beard Oil is produced with natural essential oils like Argan Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut, Jojoba Oil, and others to help you grow your beard longer, faster, and stronger. This beard oil strengthens and promotes greater beard growth by nourishing the roots of your beard. The beard oil also encourages faster beard growth by increasing blood circulation to the beard.
  • BEARD GROWTH THAT IS THICKER, STRONGER, AND FASTER – The beard oil’s unique blend of oils hydrates and nourishes your beard hairs, allowing it to grow thicker, stronger, and faster. Natural oils utilised in our beard oil, such as Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Onion Oil, and others, are well renowned for their hair growth promoting abilities.
  • AVOCADO OIL’S POWER – Avocado oil contains vitamins A, D, and E. The oil boosts Collagen production, giving your beard a fuller, healthier appearance. It not only promotes faster growth, but it also helps to reduce frizz and manage your beard.
  • FILLS PATCHY BEARDS – Our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted combination of essential oils is high in Vitamin A, B, E, K, Omega 9,6,3, and Linoleic Acid, which help boost blood circulation to the face and promote stronger, faster beard growth. This aids in preventing hair loss and filling in uneven areas of the beard, resulting in a full, luscious, and soft beard.
  • THERE ARE NO PARABENS OR MINERAL OILS IN THIS PRODUCT – Our beard growth oil is completely natural, with no mineral oils, parabens, or other potentially hazardous substances. To provide the healthiest and most natural beard care experience, the oils have been produced using a blend of natural carrier oils and pure essential oils.

9. Bombay Shaving Company | Gift Kit For Him | Premium Beard Grooming Kit |

Key Features

  • This premium grooming kit’s components are infused with superfoods, making it an ideal present for your men.
  • This kit is ideal as a gift because it includes Beard Oil is a product that is used to keep the (30 ml) detangle, moisturise, and smooth out stray whiskers -Softener for the Beard (45 gm) soften the hair on your beard
  • Detangle beard hair with a Beard Brush.
  • There are no SLS or parabens in this product.

10. The Man Company Beard Care Kit

Key Features

  • 100 percent natural: Argan, geranium, almond, hazelnut, jojoba, thyme, rosemary, and lemon essential oils are all 100 percent natural.
  • The art of giving has been perfected: Distance is no longer an impediment to celebrations. Celebrate the day of joy and light with a delicious token of excellent gifting, custom-made for you and your loved ones.
  • What’s inside the box: Everything a prim and proper personality might desire. The gift sets include an exclusive selection of all-occasion perfumes, beard care essentials, shaving essentials, and all-rounder priorities, among other things.
  • Ideal for anyone: The gift boxes are carefully selected to fulfil the needs of all those luxurious beards or clean shaves, fragrance lovers or game changers, to match your sophisticated tastes and those of your favourite people, to get you ready for the spotlight worthy celebratory occasions. All of our products are manufactured with natural ingredients and high-quality essential oils, so you can give yourself or your loved ones the greatest care possible.
  • Improve his grooming skills: With our premium grooming basics, you or your favourite gentleman can go on a grooming journey. And when you go home, you’ll have a boost in grooming games.

These beard growth kits are the top reviewed and do not let you a question- Do Beard growth kits work? Yes, they surely do.

You just need to understand your beard first.

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