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fat loss over age 40


Tips on how to Lose 15 Kilos. Bobbi Jo wished to shed physique fats and get her physique to a more healthy place to be her greatest match over 40. She shed 15 kilos and over 12% physique fats throughout her Hitch Match Lose Weight Really feel Nice plan.

fat loss over age 40

Bobbi Jo’s Earlier than and After Weight Loss Stats: 

Weight: 185-170= 15 kilos

Physique fats: 37.59 – 25.53= 12.06%

Waist: 37.75 – 31.5= 6.25 inches

Hips: 41.50 – 37 = 4.50 inches

Bobbi Jo’s Earlier than and After 15 Pound Weight Loss Pictures: 

Bobbi Jo’s Hitch Match On-line Private Coaching Story:

“I started the Hitch Fit program because I wanted to not only lose weight, but to feel good about what I saw when I looked in the mirror.  I have always struggled with my weight and it has only gotten worse as I’ve aged. Having to check in with Diana every week with my weight and body measurements, definitely kept me accountable.

I’ve learned that meal prepping is the key to being successful. Diana not only provided me with a meal and workout plan, she also provided helpful tips on how to stay on track when traveling or when you are unable to meal prep. My future plan is to successfully complete the fitness model program and then focus on maintaining my results.”

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