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YogiApproved is a women-owned business, and we are passionate about supporting our fellow female entrepreneurs. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we vote with our dollars – which is why it’s so important to support brands and businesses that align with your values.

If you are a female entrepreneur, part of a women-owned business, know someone who is, or aspire to be, this interview will give you a glimpse into what it takes to create a concept and see it through to a full-fledged company. Get ready to be inspired!


First, A Few Things You Should Know About Women-Owned Businesses

#Babessupportingbabes and shopping from female-founded businesses can feel like buzzy hashtags or trends, but celebrating women in business is about so much more.

While we still have a long way to go to achieve true equality, especially for female entrepreneurs of color, the woman-owned business space has come a long way.

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Some stats to consider: In 1988, a mere thirty-three years ago, women entrepreneurs couldn’t even take out a loan without a male co-signer (say what!?). Almost as shocking, in the 1970’s a mere 5% of all businesses were owned by women.

Flash forward and 39% of businesses in the U.S. are now women-owned businesses (and growing – at nearly double the rate of all businesses!)

Hispanic women-owned businesses grew by a whopping 172% in the past decade, and 64% of all new women-owned businesses this past year were started by WOC. Cheers to that!

We Talk Female Entrepreneurship With SorBabes – A Women-Owned Business

Nicole Cardone and Deborah Gorman are the co-founders and owners of SorBabes, a vegan, gluten-free, and low calorie but wildly-indulgent sorbet. We sat down for a conversation with them to hear their journey of creating a company, along with wisdom and insights they’ve gained along the way.


1. YA: How was the idea for SorBabes formed? What motivated you to create a new kind of frozen treat?

Nicole: One day I was craving sorbet and went to the store, and to my surprise all the options were lemon, raspberry, and mango.

I started to think of all the innovation in artisanal ice cream and wondered why sorbet (the oldest frozen dessert in history!) had never been reimagined.

39% of businesses in the U.S. are now women-owned businesses

Deborah: I had a background as a pastry chef and when Nicole contacted me to help her with mission, we started coming up with sorbets with indulgent creamy toppings.

We added layers of flavor and texture that was missing from traditional sorbets. We knew we were onto something.

2. YA: What was it like to build a women-owned business from the ground up with no prior business experience?

Nicole: It’s impossible to explain how hard it was. Blood sweat and tears is no exaggeration! It was actually a blessing we didn’t know what we didn’t know because we didn’t realize what we were trying to accomplish was damn near impossible.

3. YA: How do you come up with these delicious flavors? Do you develop the recipes yourself?

Deborah: Some days after working in my test kitchen on recipes and tasting so many versions of a new flavor, I start craving soy sauce and salty potato chips. Ritz crackers are my palette cleanser of choice between tastings!

Nicole: I never get sick of eating too much sorbet! Coming up with the flavors is the fun part – my favorite part of the job. It really starts with a dreamy brainstorm, then we narrow down based on trial and error.


4. YA: What changes do you hope to see in the women business owner space in the future?

Nicole: I hope we get to a place where it isn’t even a topic because it’s been normalized and there are women in all areas of business showing what they were born to do!

Deborah: It’s really about realizing how discrimination against marginalized groups affects their ability to succeed. There are strong cultural biases that affect who has access to financing, who has the networks of people who can give them access to opportunities.

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5. YA: Have you encountered any bias or sexism in the food industry as a women-owned business?

Deborah: There were times when we worked with mostly male lead teams, that I found myself wondering what if I were a white man?

I hope the conversations happening today really do help us get to the next level where everyone regardless of their gender, race, and class has more access to opportunities.

I hope we get to a place where it’s been normalized and there are women in all areas of business. – Nicole, SorBabes

Nicole: It was definitely even more of a challenge when we started about ten years ago before the movement really was as mainstream as it is today.

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6. YA: What about the joy of being a female entrepreneur? Any unique insights or successes you want to share?

Nicole: When I was feeling stressed that I wasn’t spending enough time with my kids, they’d point out what a great example I am setting for them and how proud of me they are. Now they tell me how much they love that their mom has an ice cream company!

Also, it’s always fun to be in a male-dominated industry and find out you are respected and encouraged by so many of the males in your network. There is definitely a camaraderie in many aspects.

7. YA: What’s your main piece of advice to other aspiring female entrepreneurs who want to start their own business?

Nicole: Go for it, and make sure you have enough support within your family and friends, you’ll need all the help you can get along the way – even if it’s just a shoulder!

Deborah: I often think half the challenge is just showing up each day. Once you start showing up, never stop showing up… at your desk, in people’s inboxes, at networking events! Don’t be scared to ask for what you need or the discount or a way to work together.

Join Us In Celebrating Women-Owned Businesses – And In Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

Like the SorBabes, we look forward to a day where women in business isn’t even an article topic; when all business owners regardless of gender identity or backgrounds are able to enjoy true equity and opportunities.

Until then, it’s never been more important to continue to support female-founded companies like YogiApproved and Sorbabes, as we work to create an ideal future!

Thanks for chatting with YogiApproved, Nicole and Deborah. Learn more about SorBabes here. YA readers can use the discount code VIP10 to save $10 off an online order of their treats!


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