Make Your Own Mini Greenhouse


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Make Your Own Mini Greenhouse


Spring is on its way but in some areas of the country (and world) it is still a little too cold to begin planting in your outside garden. But, what if I told you that you can make a small, portable greenhouse with just a few basic supplies?

It is easy (and inexpensive) to have your own homegrown, organic baby greens when you want them with a do-it-yourself mini greenhouse.

My daughter and I really enjoy doing this project together and your kids may like it too! And it can inspire all children (even picky eaters) to try new foods when they have a hand in growing them!

This also would make a fun science project for homeschoolers or a project for a science fair!

This project does not require any sort of advanced gardening skills, in fact it is perfect for the novice gardener just getting started! In a greenhouse setting, the plants stay moist unlike in an outdoor garden bed where the water evaporates quickly and requires more attention and care. And what is great is that it is not dependent on the weather, you can grow this way at any season and even in a city apartment on a patio or even a sunny window. You don’t need any ground to grow in. Baby greens grow quickly which means you can begin harvesting them in just about 3 – 4 weeks! So, for those of us that like to see the fruits of our labor rapidly, this project is very satisfying and keeps children’s attention.


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