Magnesium for athletes: A miracle mineral or Hype?


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Magnesium: A miracle mineral or Hype?


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Fruit & veg
•Spinach 79mg per 100g
•Inexperienced peas 33mg per 100g
• Avocados 29mg per 100g

• Brazil nuts 350mg per 100g
• Cashew nuts 250mg per 100g
• Peanuts 160mg per 100g
• Walnuts 150mg per 100g

• Pumpkin seeds 590mg per 100g
• Sesame seeds 350mg per 100g
• Sunflower seeds 325mg per 100g

Soya merchandise
• Soybeans 280mg per 100g
• Tofu 60mg per 100g

• Lentils 36mg per 100g
• Uncooked pinto beans 176mg per 100g

As probably the most ample mineral in your physique, magnesium is extraordinarily vital for wholesome perform however significantly vital for individuals who usually interact in strenuous train. If you're a runner and also you wish to maximise your efficiency, think about taking steps to extend your magnesium consumption by following among the suggestions supplied above.


You can view the original post here

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