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Sunset over field
It has been virtually 9 months…NINE MONTHS since I put some phrases down on right here. I am unable to fairly imagine it has been that lengthy however I can also imagine it. It has been a battle, I've not had a lot to say, and I needed to attend till I had some solutions earlier than updating you all.

March 2020 COVID hit and so did all these bizarre signs I started experiencing. It isn't and has nothing to do with COVID, I have been checked, don't be concerned, it is only a very random coincidence. 

To start with it wasn't too unhealthy, it was taking place as soon as a month, I used to be simply actually drained. I would go for extra naps than regular throughout per week. Initially I used to be placing it right down to my persistent fatigue flaring a bit extra usually. However then because the months went on it warped into one thing else. 

I fall asleep at round 3am (as a result of that is my bedtime), get up the following day however not get up correctly. I am unable to transfer my limbs, they really feel like they're weighed down with one thing far heavier than my quilt, they do not harm (not more than regular) however they're so weak. I can barely carry my head from my pillow, it is heavy. My eyes will not open correctly, my mouth is sagging, the muscle tissue in my face are failing. Then I attempt to converse and what comes out is not phrases, or it's phrases however they are not a correct sentence, I am slurring, I am speaking gibberish. I want the bathroom so I name for my boyfriend and he has to get me off the bed, he lifts my arms round his neck and makes an attempt to manoeuvre my gelatinous physique the few steps to the toilet. I stumble, I fall into him, my legs give means. I appear like I've had far too many vodkas however I do not drink. I get to the toilet and instantly go to sleep on the bathroom. 

Then it is the trek (it is actually 5 steps away) again to the bed room. I go to sleep as he is shifting me. I am asleep earlier than my physique is within the mattress. I fall onto the mattress, my boyfriend lifts my legs, covers me up and I am not there. I am too drained, too weak, asleep. However I want my medicine. Ian used to present me field they're in and I would take them alone however now simply places them in my mouth as a result of my proprioception is failing and I am unable to get my hand to my face with out dropping them. Then he holds the straw from my cup as much as my face and I sip, I choke, I sip once more and swallow.

And the cycle continues, each time I want a wee or each time he wakes me as much as take my meds. I sleep for over 32 hours. I slept for 40 hours the opposite day. I do not eat, I barely drink. I simply sleep. 

This occurs two-three instances per week now and it has been taking place for the final seven months, leading to my being bed-bound all that point. I have been into my front room to make use of my printer or to get a brand new ebook off a shelf however I reside in mattress. 

The times that I'm awake, I've no power, like, the sleep I had for all these hours did nothing, it definitely did not energise me. I am wobbly, I can barely focus. After which if I overdo it, the massive sleep begins creeping in. My left eye begins to close, my face feels prefer it's slipping off, my mouth turns into slack. I assumed I used to be having a stroke the primary time I observed it nevertheless it's my muscle tissue telling me to decelerate. 

Final time I visited my dad and mom, I obtained up one morning, sat on the eating room desk, like I all the time do, and chatted to my mum. After a couple of minutes my phrases began slurring after which I fell asleep with my head on the desk. My boyfriend obtained me to mattress and I used to be out of it till the following afternoon.

Fortunately, I obtained to witness my finest associates getting married in September although, I used to be so apprehensive I'd have this bizarre sleep flare nevertheless it did not occur on that day. It did a day later however I used to be simply so relieved I noticed them tie the knot and have a lovely day. And aside from hospital appointments, that is the final time I went out. I have not been in a position to drive my automotive or pop to the retailers. I am all the time at dwelling.

I noticed a neurologist final yr that examined me for MS (a number of sclerosis) however when my MRI was clear he did not appear to care about anything or wish to examine additional so discharged me. I used to be heartbroken as I simply need solutions. I'm as a consequence of see a brand new neurologist on the finish of this month and I am unable to wait, I simply hope they hear and take me severely as no matter that is is massively affecting my life. 

I need a identify for this factor, I wish to know if there's therapy or if I will reside the remainder of my life like this. I simply wish to know. I am unsure what I will do in the event that they inform me there is not any therapy or they do not know what it's.

It isn't simply tiredness, I am not fortunate to get a lot sleep, you would not wish to spend all of your time in mattress. What I am coping with in the mean time is extremely isolating, I'm dropping so many days to sleep and even the only issues eat up a lot power. 

I've taken three breaks penning this piece and my eyes have glazed over, my left eye has determined it does not wish to work anymore and my jaw muscle tissue are hurting as a result of mouth sag, so I believe it is about time I wrap issues up.

Hopefully my new marketing consultant is wonderful, want me luck!



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