Fighting Inflammation with SBN- Part 2/2


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Fighting Inflammation with SBN- Part 2/2


Did you read Part 1 of this Blog; Are You Inflammed (Part 2/2)? If not, we highly recommend going back to it to discover exactly what inflammation is, what causes inflammation, what else does inflammation lead to, as well as discovering your own levels of inflammation. Now that we have all of that covered, it’s time to dive into what you can actually do about it! This blog will cover anti-inflammatory compounds, dietary factors, lifestyle factors, herbal medicines, as well as the amazing benefits of our SBN Anti-inflammatory tea.

What Does Fighting Inflammation Actually Mean? 

Typically, fighting inflammation involves the work of ‘anti-inflammatories’, which work by literally blocking inflammatory responses and cytokines, such as Interleukins (e.g. IL-6), tumour necrosis factor (e.g. TNF-α)  cyclo-oxygenase enzymes (COX), and more. COX enzymes help reduce inflammation and damage by producing chemicals called prostaglandins, some of which are involved in the production of pain and inflammation at sites of injury or damage. 


To avoid excess and chronic inflammation from negatively affecting our health, we want to ensure that we are encouraging as many anti-inflammatory responses as possible! So, what can we do to produce these anti-inflammatory benefits??


3 Key Methods to Fight Inflammation:

1. Diet:

A poor diet is one of the most influential factors on our levels of inflammation- the good news is that diet is also one of the most controllable factors! Some include:

-Avoid/reduce intake of highly inflammatory foods (such as packaged foods, processed meats, refined sugar, excess gluten and dairy). 

-Consume more foods that come straight from the earth Study results show that regular and diverse fruit and vegetable intake significantly reduces levels of inflammation and oxidative stress. To start, ensure that you consume a minimum of 5 servings per day of vegetables (ideally closer to 10 serves!) and 2 serves of fruit. Also aim to choose organic (to reduce inflammatory toxin exposure) and mix up the types of fruit and vegetables that you consume to accumulate a more diverse intake of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 

-Eat Omega-3s! These healthy fatty acids are highly anti-inflammatory, and research has shown that their consumption is able to produce an anti-inflammatory response that brings our body back to its normal state. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in oily fish (specifically salmon, sardines, cod, herring, mackerel, tuna, trout), algae walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds and sacha inchi oil. We want to aim to consume a large portion of these anti-inflammatory omega-3 foods compared to food sources of pro-inflammatory omega-6 foods (such as processed oils, fatty and deep-fried foods etc.)

-Slim By Nature Detox Programs: Our Detox programs are based around wholesome healthy eating principles that have been shown to reduce levels of inflammation in the body. Enhanced toxin removal also helps to fight inflammation, as does weight loss (as adipose/fat tissue is an endocrine organ that produces its own inflammatory chemicals). 


2. Lifestyle:

There are many controllable lifestyle factors that we can optimise in order to reduce our inflammation levels. Some easy and enjoyable lifestyle factors to consider induce:

-Choose organic produce

-Use natural cleaning products

-Avoid heating and eating foods in plastic

-Spend time in nature away from city pollution

-Manage stress 

-Exercise: The best kind of exercise for reducing inflammation is the kind that you do. Both resistance training and aerobic exercise are associated with a reduction in inflammatory markers, and Research has shown that even just 20 minutes of walking a day reduces the production of inflammatory cells by 5%

3. Herbal medicine:

A range of wonderful herbs have been shown to produce potent anti-inflammatory effects! Many of these have been included in our delicious and medicinal Anti-inflammatory tea! Let’s learn more..


Our incredible Slim By Nature Anti-inflammatory tea will support your body by naturally reducing inflammation, enhancing vitality and promoting healing after a long day! Lovingly blended with Turmeric Root, Ginger Root, Fennel Seed, Chamomile, Liquorice Root, Calendula Petals, Devils Claw, Black Peppercorns, this tea will provide you with a natural sense of ease and rejuvenation. This specialised blend of herbal ingredients work to prevent damage from inflammation and oxidative stress, support detoxification channels, enhance toxin removal, stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid, purify the blood, reduce pain, stimulate digestion and ease stomach discomforts.


Although every ingredient possesses anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric root is the most potent. Curcumin is the active compound in turmeric that possesses powerful anti-inflammatory abilities by blocking a range of inflammatory pathways (including IL-6, TNF-α, COX, and more). Although curcumin is notorious for being poorly absorbed in the bloodstream, our Anti-inflammatory tea has been carefully blended with Black Pepper, which has been shown to enhance curcumin absorption by as much as 2,000%!


The best part? Our tea is also delicious, meaning you can actually sit back and enjoy the nourishment and anti-inflammatory properties as they flood your body, protect your cells and revitalise your system. 


Our Slim By Nature Anti-inflammatory tea makes it easier (and more delicious) than ever to help reduce excess inflammation and all of the potential health challenges that may come with it. Eat food from the earth, live as naturally as possible, and enjoy a warming mug of SBN Anti-inflammatory tea to help naturally keep your body in balance. 





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