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A dog is doing exercise - Yoga with Pets


People practice different forms of exercise daily, and a good number turn to activities such as yoga which they can practise at home or the gym. Various forms of yoga utilize cardio, strength and even balance training. Practising yoga can help improve your breathing and make your body more flexible. It also helps to improve mental health.

Overall, all its numerous benefits reinforce that yoga is one of the best things you can choose to do for yourself but have you ever considered practising with your pet? If the answer is no, you definitely should. Pets are very intuitive, and just like humans, they don’t have to be of a specific size or shape to practice.

Furthermore, yoga can be beneficial in different ways, such as calming hyperactive pets and as a form of exercise for injured ones.

Below is a list of reasons you should practice yoga exercises with your pet.

Breathing exercises and relaxation are the cornerstones of yoga and pet yoga. Therefore, it can work wonders for your . The first way it does this is by assisting hyperactive dogs in relaxing. The exercise part of yoga will help them burn off a chunk of their energy, while the stretches will allow them to become calmer.

Besides helping dogs deal with anxiety and stress, yoga with your pet will also help them deal with behavioural issues. Say you have an anxious, yappy pet; doing yoga exercises will teach them to remain still and relax. Something important to keep in mind is that the results will not be visible immediately. The best thing is to include your dog for about four weeks, and you will gradually see the benefits.

Yoga by itself can be enjoyable, and adding your pet into this mix will make it even more exciting. Admittedly, your dog can distract you when exercising, mainly because they are curious and feel unincluded. With yoga, your dog will have fun on their own and, most importantly, feel included.

Other than that, if you are attending classes, there will be other pets there, and your furry best friend can make friends of their own there. They will also be more open to exercising and socializing when other pets are there.

A dog is doing exercise - Yoga with Pets

Pet yoga tips for beginners

If you and your pet are beginners, you want to start with the basics. Starting with simple poses will make the experience comfortable for both of you. For instance, you can start with a wide-leg straddle position on the floor and place your pet right in front of you in a good pose. Be sure also to harmonize your breathing with your pet’s.

  • Introduce your dog slowly

The best way to introduce your pet to yoga is slowly, which will make it a more positive and enjoyable experience. Time and patience are very instrumental here. Let your pet come to you so that it feels like a pleasant experience rather than a forced one.

Take away

It is easy to see how yoga can be a healthy and fun activity for you and your pet. If you have already been practising, you know that it can relieve stress and bring tranquillity. If you include your pooch, you can enjoy the benefits together.


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