Drying Peppers At Dwelling: The 5 Finest Methods


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How To Dry Peppers The 5 Best Ways


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How To Dry Peppers The 5 Best WaysHow To Dry Peppers The 5 Best Ways
How To Dry Peppers The 5 Best WaysHow To Dry Peppers The 5 Best Ways
How To Dry Peppers The 5 Best WaysHow To Dry Peppers The 5 Best Ways

Drying peppers is simple and doesn’t take a lot time. On this publish, I’m going to indicate you the 5 greatest methods to do it, with step-by-step directions for every.

How To Dry Peppers (5 Best Ways)How To Dry Peppers (5 Best Ways)
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When you’re like me, you all the time have an overabundance of contemporary peppers out of your backyard each summer time, and you might be questioning what to do with them.

Drying peppers is an excellent means to make use of them up earlier than they go unhealthy. They’ll have an extended shelf life than with different preservation strategies, and might add versatility to your dishes.

They are often floor into powders for spices, or rehydrated to make use of in sauces, soups, stews, and extra.

On this article I'll present you many methods to dry your peppers so you may get pleasure from all of them 12 months lengthy.

Getting ready Peppers Earlier than Drying

Peppers don’t require any particular preparation earlier than drying them, many occasions you simply want to present them a fast rinse.

To hurry up the time and assist forestall molding, particularly for thicker skinned varieties, you may reduce them up into slices first.

Optionally, you may blanch them, which can enhance their taste. Right here’s how:

  1. Dip them into boiling water for roughly 4 minutes.
  2. Submerge them in an ice tub to cease the cooking course of.
  3. Pat them dry.

How To Dry Peppers

There are a number of methods to dry peppers. This course of will be quite simple and price efficient to do. Under I provides you with the steps for every technique.

1. Hold-Drying

Hold-drying peppers is a straightforward choice, particularly in the event you dwell in an arid local weather.

Nevertheless, this is among the slower ones, and might take 3 to 4 weeks or extra till they're absolutely prepared.

Right here’s the right way to hang-dry them:

  1. Create a knot on the finish of your string or twine so the peppers don’t fall off.
  2. Both use a needle to poke the string by means of to tops, or tie it on to the stem of every.
  3. Depart the opposite finish of the string longer for hanging.
  4. Hold them in a sunny window the place they're shielded from moisture.
  5. Examine them each few days to ensure they aren’t molding, and take away those which might be finished.
Hanging peppers to dry on a stringHanging peppers to dry on a string
Hanging peppers to dry on a string

2. Utilizing A Dehydrator

When you've got a dehydrator in your house then this selection is an excellent approach to prevent time and vitality.

It’s not the quickest, and might take anyplace from 12 hours to some days. However you gained’t have to fret about them molding, and it’s fairly hands-off.

Right here’s the right way to dehydrate peppers:

  1. Lay your peppers out on the dehydrator trays in a single layer, ensuring they don't contact one another.
  2. Set the temperature to 130-140°F, or use the “vegetables” setting if yours has that.
  3. After the primary 12 hours, test them hourly, and take away any which might be finished.
Dehydrating peppers in a food dehydratorDehydrating peppers in a food dehydrator
Dehydrating peppers in a meals dehydrator

3. Drying Peppers In The Oven

Utilizing your oven is a sooner choice, although you do should take care to not burn them.

It could actually take anyplace from 2-12 hours, relying in your oven and the scale, selection, and thickness of the peppers.

Right here’s the right way to oven-dry them:

  1. Preheat your oven on to 150°F.
  2. Unfold the peppers out on a baking sheet so don't contact one another.
  3. Place them within the oven, and hold the door cracked to permit moisture to flee.
  4. Rotate your peppers each half-hour, and take away those which might be dry.
Preparing to dry peppers in the ovenPreparing to dry peppers in the oven
Getting ready to dry peppers within the oven

4. Air-Drying Peppers 

Although this can be a very simple choice, it’s additionally one of many slowest, and works greatest with small or thin-skinned varieties like cayennes.

Right here’s the right way to air-dry them:

  1. Take away the tops of the peppers and reduce them in half or quarters.
  2. Place them on the drying rack, paper towel, or paper plate so they're’t touching.
  3. Maintain them in a cool location away from moisture and humidity.
  4. Examine them each few days to make sure mildew just isn't rising, and take away any which might be finished.
Air drying peppers on paper platesAir drying peppers on paper plates
Air drying peppers on paper plates

5. Utilizing An Air Fryer

An air fryer is one other easy and environment friendly approach to dry your peppers. It capabilities just like a meals dehydrator when run at low temperatures.

It could actually take anyplace from 4-10 hours utilizing this system, relying on the machine mannequin you might have.

Right here’s are the steps:

  1. Set your air fryer warmth to 130°F or lowest temperature. Or use both the dehydration or reheating setting if yours has a kind of.
  2. Place the peppers into the basket, unfold out so they're’t touching one another.
  3. Examine on them each half-hour, and take away those which might be prepared.
Drying peppers in an air fryerDrying peppers in an air fryer
Drying peppers in an air fryer

How Lengthy Do Peppers Take To Dry?

Precisely how lengthy peppers take to dry will depend upon the sort you might have, and the strategy you employ.

On common it may well take anyplace from a pair hours to some weeks.

Thick ones will take longer than these with skinny skins. Additionally, reducing them up into slices will make it sooner.

How Can You Inform When Peppers Are Dry?

You'll be able to inform when peppers are dry by touching them. As soon as they're prepared, they are going to be crispy and brittle. In the event that they really feel smooth or sticky in any respect, then they want extra time.

My dried peppers ready for storageMy dried peppers ready for storage
My dried peppers prepared for storage

How To Retailer Dried Peppers

Retailer your dried peppers in an hermetic container in a cool darkish location. A fantastic place to maintain them is in a pantry, cabinet, and even in your freezer.

You'll be able to retailer them in any hermetic container that's most handy for you, equivalent to a mason jar, vacuum sealed bag, or zipper baggie.

Storing dried peppers in mason jarsStoring dried peppers in mason jars
Storing dried peppers in mason jars

How Lengthy Do Dried Peppers Final?

Dried peppers can final between 1-2 years, when saved appropriately.

However the taste will begin to degrade over time, so it’s greatest to make use of them up and replenish your provide yearly.


On this part, I’ll reply among the most ceaselessly requested questions on drying peppers. When you can’t discover your reply right here, ask it within the feedback beneath.

What's one of the best ways to dry peppers?

One of the simplest ways to dry peppers comes down to non-public choice. The 5 greatest strategies are air-drying, hanging, dehydrating, utilizing the oven, or an air fryer.

What peppers are good for drying?

All varieties of peppers are good for drying. From candy or delicate ones like banana, bell (inexperienced, purple, yellow, and many others), and chillies, to sizzling spicy varieties like ghost, habanero, jalapeños, and Serrano to call just a few.

How do you dry peppers shortly?

You'll be able to dry peppers shortly utilizing your oven, that's the quickest means. This course of takes between 1-2 hours relying on what selection you might have. Simply be very that you don't to burn them.

How do you dry peppers with out mildew?

To dry peppers with out the chance of mildew, use your oven, a dehydrator, or an air fryer, as a result of these work the quickest.

Drying peppers utilizing any of the methods above will prolong the shelf lifetime of your produce. Plus they make an incredible addition to your recipes all 12 months spherical.

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Share your suggestions for drying peppers within the feedback part beneath.

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How To Dry Peppers The 5 Best WaysHow To Dry Peppers The 5 Best Ways




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