7 Tell Tale signs of PCOS You Should Know About


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7 Tell Tale signs of PCOS You Should Know About


PCOS-Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal disorder that a lot of women suffer from these days. Metropolis conducted a study very recently that revealed that 18 percent women between 15 and 30 years of age suffer from PCOS. Gynaecologists say that in order to deal with this health issue you need to be aware of its symptoms and get it treated at the right time.

Tell Tale signs of PCOS
Check out some tell tale signs of PCOS, that you should be aware of.

So women, here are some tell tale signs of PCOS that you should be aware of:

If you are having PCOS, there are more chances of gaining weight that too mostly around the waist. On top of it all, you will find losing the flab a difficult task. So, if you happen to gain weight all of a sudden please visit the doctor, it can be due to PCOS.

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Acne is a very common in teenagers and young girls. Girls freak out when they get a breakup as it affects their facial appeal and the world just seems to come crumbling down for them ? At least this is what is shown in TV ads! However, If this is happening to you very often, it is advisable to pay a visit to the gynaecologist and find out whether it is due to PCOS or not. Even dark skin patches and oily skin can be a sign of hormonal imbalance in the body and it all points to PCOS.

3) Hirutism

A common PCOS symptom is abnormal hair growth that is caused due to the excess testosterone production. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for masculine characteristics. In women it leads to unwanted facial hair and body hair, particularly on the chin, upper lip, inner thighs and chest. If you are facing this issue, do check with the doctor for PCOS.

4) Thinning of hair

woman hair fall-Is Your Hair Not Growing

Thinning of hair is a common issue faced by most women these days. There are several factors that contribute to it: poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and many more. In certain cases PCOS leads to thinning of the hair on the scalp. If this hair fall has started recently, it would be advisable to consult a doctor to find out the exact reason.

It is normal to feel tired after a hard day’s work. However, being fatigued all the time can indicate an underlying health condition. Fatigue when coupled with hypothyroidism signifies PCOS. So, if you happen to have thyroid problems and are fatigued all the while, it would be better to consult a doctor.

6) Irregular periods

Irregular periods PCOS

Having irregular periods or in certain cases no periods at all for a few months together at a stretch can be due to ovarian cysts or PCOS. You need to visit the gynaecologist and get it diagnosed after tests. Don’t take the irregularity or absence of periods so lightly.

When your body undergoes abnormal hormonal changes, there is a high risk of experiencing mood swings. Although it can be caused by other factors and diseases, if you are experiencing mood swings along with other PCOS symptoms, you need to visit the gynaecologist immediately.

If you happen to experience any of the above symptoms it is advised that you get yourself checked for PCOS.

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