Why EFT & Meditation Work Nicely Collectively

Why EFT and Meditation Work Well Together

You can view the original post here For greater than 25 years, I experimented with utilizing Meditation with EFT for my purchasers and in teams. By way of cautious remark I found very important explanation why these two self-help strategies work so properly to go with each other. Meditation’s Stabilizing Impact Helps Troubleshoot with EFT … Read more

The best way to Scale back Vacation Stress Immediately

Cat relaxing to depict relief from holiday stress.

You can view the original post here Everyone knows that managing our stress is necessary on a day-to-day foundation, however through the vacation season when stress ranges may be at their highest and quiet time may be at its lowest, it turns into much more very important and difficult. An excessive amount of stress not … Read more

Historic Motifs in Psychedelics — Atlas Yoga College — Atlas Yoga Studio & College

Ancient Motifs in Psychedelics — Atlas Yoga School — Atlas Yoga Studio & School

You can view the original post here Folks generally report a definite cultural theme to the visible facet of their psychedelic expertise. Based mostly on the patterns and pictures seen (both with eyes open or closed), individuals might examine them to the artwork and magnificence of many historical cultures: Egyptian, Aztec, Indian, Native American, African … Read more

The way to Train Mindfully – The New York Instances

How to Exercise Mindfully - The New York Times

You can view the original post here It was a windy summer time day in southeastern Tasmania, and Heather Larsen, a professional slackliner, was standing on an inch-wide stretch of nylon suspended between two of the tallest sea cliffs within the Southern Hemisphere. Almost 1,000 ft beneath, seals barked and waves pounded the rocks. Ms. … Read more

What’s the Distinction? – Wanderlust


You can view the original post here For some, deciding how to meditate is its personal low-grade stress inducer. Which, let’s face it, that’s the whole antithesis of the apply itself. Meditation, in any case, is a software to assist scale back the fixed overwhelm that infiltrates most of our over-stimulated minds. To assist decipher … Read more

Prime Suggestions for On a regular basis Mindfulness

Top Tips for Everyday Mindfulness

You can view the original post here mindfulness actions It’s Psychological Well being Consciousness Month and a terrific alternative to apply being extra aware in our on a regular basis lives! It’s attention-grabbing to me that not way back, nobody was actually speaking about mindfulness. Now, I really feel prefer it’s in every single place. … Read more

Stress and anxiousness sources | Domesticate Calm Yoga


Hello Buddy, Because you’re right here, I’m going to imagine that you really want help for managing stress and anxiousness. There may be a lot happening in our world proper now and in case you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. With a lot turbulence and uncertainty in our world, issues can really feel uncontrolled. And … Read more

How to Incorporate Koan Meditation into Your Practice and Your Life – Daily Cup of Yoga

How to Incorporate Koan Meditation into Your Practice and Your Life – Daily Cup of Yoga

By Dr. Kaiya Ansorge What is a koan? A koan is a phrase or word that is used in meditation to train the mind. Usually, the koan is somewhat puzzling in order to invite the mind to open in unusual ways. In fact, the term is often translated as “riddle.” Koan literature involves enigmatic sayings or questions that, when meditated upon continuously, are meant to resolve … Read more

Stressed? Your brain’s been hijacked! here’s how meditation helps

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Looking for a quick fix stress busting yoga practice?    As a yoga therapist and meditation teacher, I get asked about this ALL THE TIME.    “Can you give me a yoga practice to do when I’m having a stressy day?”   “What’s the best meditation for when I’m feeling burned out?”   It’s true … Read more

Can you actually banish junk meals cravings?

Couple eating junk food

Can you actually banish junk meals cravings? One of the crucial troublesome challenges in your journey to achieve your very best weight is studying cope with cravings. Cravings can seem out of nowhere for a wide range of causes. They are often tied to a selected dietary deficiency, attributable to stress, or introduced  on as … Read more