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amla achar indian gooseberry pickle

Do you wish to have a homemade pickle that can boost immunity and tastes amazing, both at the same time? Amla Ka Achar happens to fall in both categories.

This Amla Pickle recipe is flavored with Indian spices- dried red chilies, fenugreek seeds, Fennel seeds and Turmeric and is super easy recipe that helps you create a Healthy Instant Amla Pickle.

Amla ka Achar is a quick gluten-free vegan recipe for making a tangy and spicy achar flavored with Indian spices using mustard oil.

Indian gooseberry/ Amla or Nellikai is a small round fruit with light-green translucent skin. They are small in size but great in nutrition. Amla is believed to provide 20 times more Vitamin C than oranges.

I have seen people staying away from Amla due to its tangy and sour taste. Most of us had Amla Muraaba (sweetened amla) all our childhood. Given the several health issues with amla candy or sweet amla, I came up with a simple and quick recipe to make amla ka achar.

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Why Would You Love This Recipe

  • Vegan and Gluten Free
  • Not loaded with salt and oil. Cooked like a normal vegetable in Wok/ Kadai.
  • Quick and Healthy recipe of Achar
  • Amla is Low Calorie fruit
  • Rich in Vitamin C (Amla is 20 times rich in Vit C than orange)
  • Preserved with salt only and no other preservatives added.
  • Bursting with blending flavors of Indian spices.
  • Make Ahead Recipe
  • The Best Amla Achar Recipe Ever!

Ingredients Overview

This Amla Achar Recipe need easy ingredients from your kitchen pantry. If you love Indian food, you would surely have the stock of Indian whole spices.

  • Amla: The fresh Amla or Indian Gooseberry would be needed for this recipe. You may try getting the one which are less spotty. This Amla Pickle can be preserved naturally for a few weeks. It’s recommened to use the best quality. I have procured them from local vegetable vendor.
  • Indian Whole Spices: Jeera, Saunf (Fennel Seeds), Mustard seeds (Rai), Methre (Fenugreek seeds), Sabut Lal Mirch (Dried red chilly whole). Other spices include fresh Green chilly and Hing. I have used normal salt. Salt is the important ingredient as it acts as natural preservative.
  • Mustard oil: I always prefer using mustard oil for making achar owing to its anti fungal and antibacterial properties. Using mustard oil ensures that any bacterial or mold growth is prohibited. Honestly, I have no clue which other oil can be used for making pickles because we have used mustard oil for pickles since ages. You may try sesame oil, though if you don’t like the strong flavor of mustard. but then the perish-ability condition might change for this recipe.
ingredients for amla achar

Nutrition in Amla

Amla berries are an excellent source of Vitamin C, E, A, calcium, and iron. This blood purifier fruit is a perfect choice for heart and diabetic patients as it helps control blood pressure and sugar and reduces sugar spikes.

With zero sugar amla fruit in a daily diet, one may easily achieve the weight-loss goals. It acts as a natural detox for the body (kidney and liver) when taken empty stomach in the morning. It also does wonders to skin and hair. I remember applying amla hair oil on every holiday as a child.

Amla is a super Indian fruit that is an Immunity Booster too and is lost in the crowd of fancy imported fruits.

Can I Eat Amla Daily?

Yes 1-2 Amla daily have no side effects. It depends more on in which form you wish to have it: raw, cooked, boiled, juice etc.

Having 1 amla daily is totally fine in all age group. Excess of anything is harmful.

Different Ways to include Amla in Daily Diet

  • Raw Amla Juice: Blend raw amla and sieve it for fresh juice. Add a little salt and black pepper as amla would taste very sour in raw form. You can’t underestimate the Benefits of Amla Juice. So, forget about the taste buds
  • Amla Jam: Grate fresh and raw Amla. Cook it for 5-10 minutes on simmer. Add jaggery / sugar and cook for 10 min. This can be preserved for 2-3 months. Make sure amla are dried after the wash.
  • Add 2 tsp grated raw amla in every vegetable or dal you make.
  • Add a portion of amla in vegetable soups.

Recipe Insights

This is an instant amla ka achar and is not loaded with oil like usual Indian Pickles. It’s basically made like any other vegetable you make in Kadai.

I have avoided garlic or onion in this achar as amla has its own flavor. Garlic takes over the whole flavor and I dislike it in this achar.

Boil raw amla in water for 5 min. In the meantime, grind the whole spices and heat mustard oil. Once the oil is just warm, add spices and chopped dried amla to it. Add salt and cook with lid for 3-5 min max.

Expert Tips

  • Boil amla before using it. This ensures that Amla Achar won’t need much cooking time and hence not much oil.
  • Make sure to pat dry amla after boiling. We need everything: amla, utensils, etc to be dried enough as moisture in any of these may spoil the Achar sooner than expected.
  • Transfer this Amla achar to a container with lid (dried before using) and the amla achar must be cooled off and then transferred.


Is Amla Achar good for health?

Rich source of Vitamin C, Amla is a perfect immunity booster fruit for you. Low in calorie and High in Fiber, have daily amla in small quantities for a healthy heart and gut.

How do you preserve Amla for the whole year?

This recipe of Amla Achar is made moisture free and is made in mustard oil and will be good for months in winters at room temperature and in summers, when kept in refrigerator. You have to be careful that at no step moisture is added or else the achar will have fungal growth after a week.

Does boiling Amla destroy its nutrients?

No boiling amla for few min won’t destroy any of its nutrient.

How To Make Amla Pickle (Detailed Steps)

1)Gather all the whole spices and raw amla. Boil Amla in water for 5 min max. Sieve it and let it dry. In the meantime, grind the spices: jeera, methre, saunf, mustard seeds, dried red chilly. Let the mixture be coarse (dardara).

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