5 Best Foods to Try Out in Houston, Texas


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5 Best Foods to Try Out in Houston, Texas

Houston is one happening city that is not just known for its beauty but also for the diverse culture you will experience here. Talking about food in Houston, you will get to try a number of multicultural dishes here.

Though you will find every dish to be mouthwatering here, the Korean BBQ in Houston has its own fanbase. People especially visit Houston to try the Korean style fried chicken and chicken wings from the popular Korean BBQ in Houston.

The Houston food industry has recently experienced a significant rise in Korean cuisine. A lot of local spots as well as restaurants are found to be dedicated to serving Korean food.

Be it noodle dishes with Korean flavour or stews, people from all across the globe are adopting and loving Korean food.

If you also heard about Korean bbq in Houston and are visiting soon to try the food, do read our 5 best food recommendations that you must try when in Houston.


#1. Viet-Cajun Crawfish

This is one of the bestseller dishes in Houston. It is because of many Vietnamese people living in Houston, that you will find the influence of Vietnamese taste in the food. In fact, this is actually one taste that people love to try and must include in their trip to Houston.

Though this dish can be found in the local restaurants throughout the year, it is recommended to try it in late winters and early springs. Much other Vietnamese food can be found on the streets of Houston which one must try.

#2. Mul Naengmyeon

Mul Naengmyeon is one of the most popular Korean dishes which is best suited for the sizzling hot summers in Houston. This soup is made up of buckwheat noodles and beef, also, it is topped up with cucumbers and watermelons.

This dish is a must-try when you visit Houston and this could be the best lunch option. This dish is really filling and will give you the true taste of Korean food.

It is slightly spicy as chillies are also a major ingredient of the soup. You can find Mul Naengmyeon at the local Korean food spots in Houston.

#3. Spicy Seafood Jjamppong

Your Houston trip cannot be completed without trying the seafood out there, especially the seafood with a Korean flavour. Spicy Seafood Jjamppong is one popular dish served with black bean noodles.

Here, you get the taste of the best flavours of both worlds if you order it in a split dish. Also, having it along with sides like Kimchi or pickled daikon can definitely make your day.

Spicy Seafood Jjamppong is a must-try on your food trip to Houston. You will fall in love with it, especially if you like the taste of Korean food.

#4. Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles might sound a weird combination for a lot of you out there, but it is one of the comfort foods for people in Houston.

If you are in Houston, you should try Chicken and waffles to experience the actual traditional taste of Houston. This combination can be easily found at a lot of brunch spots in Houston.

The combination goes so well, as the waffle is sweet and fluffy, while the chicken is crispy enough. You can also try different flavours in waffles when in Houston. 

#5. Barbecue Combinations

Houston serves the best barbecue combinations across the world, especially in Korean cuisine. You must try the combinations of different soups and meat in the local Korean food spots in Houston.

Also, combinations like rice with beef tofu that has a super spicy flavour are a must-try in Houston. 

Bottom Line

Houston is indeed an amazing city to be in. Houston has it all in terms of food, lifestyle, vibes, and everything. And of course, all the above dishes cannot be ignored during your trip to Houston.

You can find them at local cafes and also in High-end restaurants, but you shouldn’t skip a single one if you are in Texas. If you are a foodie at heart, nothing could prevent you from trying the best food mentioned in the post above when you are in Houston.

Therefore, find your perfect spot where you can slake your taste buds with the dishes that should not be ignored at all costs.

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