10 dynamic stretches for runners: find out how to do them + the advantages of warming up


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10 dynamic stretches for runners: how to do them + the benefits of warming up

By Erica Walsh
MRG Contributor

Do you do any form of warm-up earlier than you lace up your sneakers and hit the streets or the treadmill? For those who don’t, chances are you'll need to attempt a dynamic warm-up earlier than your run.  Performing dynamic warm-up workout routines previous to working can put together your physique to run, particularly when you pop off the bed, throw in your sneakers at darkish o’clock within the morning, and head off to get in some miles, or after an extended day of sitting in entrance of your laptop display.

Early morning run in downtown St Joseph

The Energy of a Dynamic Heat-Up

A dynamic warm-up helps put together your physique to run by elevating your physique temperature, growing your coronary heart price, and lubricating your joints. This will help scale back your threat of damage and result in enhanced efficiency.  

A dynamic warm-up, versus static stretching, ought to be completed previous to working — it actively strikes your muscle tissue and joints in preparation for working. Static stretching, in the meantime, is if you find yourself holding a place for a time period — this ought to be completed after your run when your muscle tissue are heat.  

Regardless that working is especially a decrease physique train, I like to start out my dynamic warm-up with some higher physique actions. Your higher physique and torso additionally transfer whereas working and I really feel that these workout routines ease you into a number of the extra advanced decrease physique actions.  

Carry out the workout routines under earlier than your subsequent run

1.) Massive Arm Circles

Massive arm circles (one arm at a time) 5x ahead and 5x backward. Concentrate on the extension of the shoulder on the prime of the arm circle.

2.) Arm Pushes

Arm pushes throughout the chest – alternate arms 5-10x every arm.

3.) Overhead Arm Attain

Overhead arm reaches to the other facet – alternate arms 5-10x every arm.


4.) Tabletop Hip Circles

Place your self in your palms and knees along with your palms immediately beneath your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips. Raise one leg, out to the facet, whereas holding your knee bent. Circle your leg ahead 10x, then circle your leg backward 10x. All motion ought to happen on the hip joint. 

5.) Iron Cross

Lie in your again along with your arms out to your sides.  Raise one leg and produce it throughout your physique towards your reverse hand, return to beginning place and repeat on the other facet. Alternate sides and repeat 5-10x per leg.

6.) Scorpion

Lie in your abdomen along with your arm out to your sides. Raise your leg behind you and kick your heel throughout your physique towards your reverse hand, return to beginning place and repeat on the other facet. Alternate sides and repeat 5-10x per leg.

7.) Standing front-to-back leg swings

Maintain on to a wall or tree for help, if wanted. Swing your leg ahead and again, holding your torso upright. The motion ought to come from the hip and never the waist. Repeat 10x on every leg. 

8.) Standing facet leg swings

Maintain onto a wall for help, cross your leg in entrance of you, after which swing out to the facet.  Hold your torso upright, the motion ought to come out of your hip.  Repeat 10x on every leg.  

9.) Excessive Tiptoe Skips

Drive your knee up and lengthen by way of the other ankle till you're in your tiptoe whereas lifting the arm on the facet that you're standing on. Swap sides. This ought to be a fluid motion, just like skipping however you by no means go away the bottom. Alternate sides and repeat 10x on all sides.  

10.) Straight Leg – Leg Kicks

AKA Zombie kicks or Frankenstein kicks – Lengthen your arms out in entrance of you and standing on one foot kick the other leg straight out in entrance of you towards your palms whereas holding your leg straight.  Alternate sides and repeat 10x on all sides.  

Performing this warm-up ought to take about 5 minutes. I timed myself and it took 4:53 to run by way of the whole sequence of workout routines.  

Moreover, add a brief stroll to the start of your run after doing these warm-up workout routines. It doesn’t should be an extended stroll, only a minute or two helps get your physique able to run. Give the warm-up routine a try to see the way it feels for you.  

Erica Walsh lives and runs in St. Joseph, Mich. She’s an American Council on Train Licensed Private Coach and Well being Coach, offering one-on-one coaching to her purchasers. She’s additionally instructed group train lessons and carried out group and particular person well being teaching classes. Look ahead to extra coaching ideas and motivation from Erica in upcoming posts.

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